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  • With lush green tea landscapes ilam in Nepal is the next place to be at

With lush green tea landscapes ilam in Nepal is the next place to be at


An excellent getaway from city life, the Ilam district is famous for its tea. It is a district largely covered with tea bushes in a hill town with plantations enjoying views of pristine landscapes made up of sloping tea gardens, mountain streams, dense natural forests, holy sites, and unique culture. Using Ilam Bazaar as a base you can take excursions for a day or more. There are many hotels in the town and a few resorts a short distance away in the tea gardens. It is the prime location in Nepal, which is renowned for its production of tea. Agriculture, tea landscapes, and scenic beauty are among the various things for which Ilam is famous. Nepal's main horticultural producing district is Ilam.


A pond named antu is famous for its scenic reflection on a sunny day. The name itself has a significant meaning of winding paths. From the south, the Ilam district is bordered by Jhapa, from the west its Dhankuta and Morang district, in the north Panchthar district and West Bengal in the east. Ilam is also famous for its no vegan cuisine, especially the fishes. Mai Pokahri and viewing tower are a must-watch in the Ilam district.


Horse riding, picnics, and hikes are done at Kanyam Tea Estate. Ilam is at about 140 meters to 3600 meters above sea level. Ilam is also known as Charkhol, as four rivers flow from here. Deaumai, Jogmai, Mai, and Puwamai are these rivers. With the highest cash crop industry, beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, and rich cultural heritage, Ilam is the district that is richest in Nepal. Animal, anthropological, and botanical research is performed in Ilam. Chhetris, Gurungs, Limbus, Sherpas, and Brahmins all contribute to Ilam's rich cultural diversity.


Lying in the mountainous region of the Mahabharata range and Singalila range in the south, this geographical location is the center point of the Ilam district. Almost 700 kilometers to the east of the famous Kathmandu is the Ilam Bazaar. Consecutive buses can be availed from places like Koteshwor, Bus Park, and Kalanki, which make it to Ilam destination in about 15-17 hours, respectively. There is no air facility to reach Ilam, but it will be soon. An airport at Ilam at Sukilumba Danda is under construction. Private buses or cabs are available from Ilam to various places like Pashupati Nagar, Itahari, Biratnagar, West Bengal, Phidim, Chandragadhi, at economical costs.


Tea tourism is gaining popularity in the burgeoning human population. What Darjeeling is to India, so Is Ilam to Nepal. Nepal's Ilam is also quite ahead when we talk about tea landscapes. On open hill slopes situated in acres of land, lush green tea gardens are situated in Ilam. Misty weather, cold wind, and morning dews make this place a fairy tale where workers from different towns are attracted to earn their living with hotels in Ilam, making you think of pre-medieval time. The antiques and aura of the finest woods from the forests give you a different feel that cannot match an urban dwelling. The food that is served in hotels is freshly produced from the backyard garden or procured from the suppliers harvested early in the morning. So, your health is greatly looked after in Islam. 


The people are very friendly with tourists. They are always at your disposal whenever you need a helping hand. This indicates the traditional cultural beliefs deep-rooted in the ethos. Imagine yourself waking up in a hotel and with a cup of the finest tea at your hand, which gives you a pleasant aroma and makes you ready for the day. Visitors can take a walk at these tea gardens, stroll there, communicate with the tea workers, and learn more about how and which leaves are used and how is the processing done. It's a benevolent way to share each other's culture and learn about new tea. People can also visit tea processing farms nearby tea gardens where the freshly plucked tea leaves are processed into tea powder. You can have a glimpse of various processes involved in drying, rolling, sorting, and packaging the tea leaves, which are one of the finest in the world. These tours are free also, and sometimes nominal charges are also applicable.


Chhurpi- Ilam is also recognized for Chhurpi production. Commonly also known as Gurkha, is a kind of traditional cheese. This cheese is prepared from the milk of yak or cow in parts of Nepal. It is also known as one of the hardest cheeses in the world, which is native to Nepal. This cheese has a high nutritious value to it and is added in numerous Nepali delicacies and local dishes, to which it imparts a great aroma and lasting flavors.


Luxury and Leisure- Ilam has gained popularity as one of the major tourist destinations in the last few years. Many resorts and hotels have come up in the past few decades since there is a rise in foreign tourists to Ilam. The winding paths of Ilam are recognized for their Broom Grass (Amriso), Potato (Alu), Cardamom (Alainchi), Milk (Alan), and Round Chillies (Akabare Khursani). Also referred to as famous A’s. Silk, Bamboo, tea, and flowers are also famous in Ilam. Two days a week, the Ilam Bazaar observes Haat i.e., on Thursdays and Sundays. The climate of Ilam is Splendid throughout the year. Not too hot, neither too cold during the summer and winter, respectively. Summit Hotel, Chiyabari cottage, green city guest house, Taj International, Hotel darbar are a few of the famous hotels that are found in Ilam. These hotels will give a tourist the best of fine and dine experience. At a very affordable cost, you can have rooms booked with modern amenities. As most of the currencies have higher values, tourists can have a leap of luxury and amenities in the hotel situated in the Ilam district.


Tea Landscapes- Dating back to 1863, Ilams tea production has deep roots. Tea plantations in Ilam in 1868 covered about 135 acres of soil since a tea sapling was offered to the Nepalese Prime Minister from the Chinese government. Ilam tea production has provided a source of income to various localities and natives in the district and nearby areas which depend upon it. Most of the tea produced here is organic in nature and is also transported to foreign countries, thus providing great returns.


Flora and Fauna- Red Panda is one of the exotic species of animals that are rare and found in Ilam. Many animal researchers thrive on this popular destination to view this majestic animal, study its characters, lifestyle, and much more. Many rare species of birds are also observed in the Ilam district, which is also attracting various foreign and local researchers for a glimpse of these flying beauties. European nations import tea from Ilam. Ilam tea is very popular among tourists. The prime source of income for the natives here is broom, ginger, tea, milk, orlon, and cardamom production on a large scale. Ilam is a great delight for animal lovers too! Several animal species are found here. Leopard cat, Variegated mountain lizard, white-rumped vulture, 300 different types of birds, and otters are commonly found here. Thus, this place has proved as a boon for various animal and plant researchers that have immense interest in numerous fauna and flora.


Mai Pokhari- is one such place in the Ilam district. Situated over 220 acres of land, it is a wetland that was recognized at the Ramsar site in 2008. Ramsar sites are international sites identified by UNESCO for the protection of wetlands. For the Buddhist and Hindu communities, it is a pilgrimage center. Boating is done here on normal days and the water has an emerald color to its surface. On one side of the lake, there is Maipokhari botanical garden situated. This botanical garden is host to several cash crop varieties, a rock garden, ecological and horticultural important trees that are aggregated from numerous regions of Nepal. 


Thus, it is a beautiful place for a plant lover to have a look at most of the native and exotic species of Nepal. Various folklore medicines are also produced from this flora. The Maipokhari wetland is a source of freshwater to various localities, and natural springs are the reservoir for this wetland. Mai Pokhari Lake that is nine cornered in Ilam, is a famous tourist attraction. This place is known as the residing place of goddesses — plenty of Nepalese and other tourist visits for pilgrimage. Ilam district also observes the Mai river and its tributaries originating here.


Broadcast- Ilam is also famous for its radio broadcast. With three famous FM radio stations in Ilam, the district makes your ear more sense of satisfaction with the music. Nepalbani FM (94.9 MHz), Ilam FM (93MHz), and Chiyabari FM (88.2MHz) are famous FM stations of Ilam, which not only provide you with soothing music to your ears but also conduct various awareness and educational programs for the mass media and public.


Historic places- A place with numerous monuments situated in it contributes to major tourist attractions. One such place is Ilam, Nepal. With deep-rooted culture and history dating back to many centuries, Ilam has plenty of monuments present here. Sati Devi Temple, Singhabahini Temple, Masthaan, and Pathibhara temple are all situated in the Ilam district. Nepal is always known for its scenic beauty and beautiful pagodas. The temples of Goddesses in Ilam are highly recognized among the community. Many people come here to visit these temples.


Picnic- Well, If you are on an excursion with your family or friend or spouse or even a honeymoon. Then a picnic is a good idea to spend your day. Ilam also offers numerous picnic spots to its visitors which are not only clean and beautiful but also give visitors lasting memories and a taste of life. Mane pass is another on the list that attracts major tourists in the district. This major pass connects West Bengals, Darjeeling, with Ilam. A week's accommodation can also be accessed at a nominal cost of 6000-8000 INR.


Tourists halt at various places in the Ilam district because it provides numerous beautiful and scenic views. This stop can be a picnic spot. Bring some homemade foods, some toys, kids, and cameras, sit in the lap of nature, and enjoy the serene and beautiful views here in Ilam. The hills here are not too steep. Mid-aged and senior citizens can easily hike these skills and feel rejuvenating breaths in the meadows. The lush green Ilam has more to offer than just the tea gardens. Ilam has a beautiful culture that is deeply rooted in its tradition and diversity.


Several mountain freshwater streams, tea gardens that are sloping, dense, and natural forests are added advantage to the district of Ilam. Various tours or excursions can be gained to form the Ilam bazaar. Ilam can be visited during February, March, April, October, November, and December. The climate of Ilam is subtropical in nature. As the rainfall is heavy during the monsoon in Nepal, natural waterfalls are the greatest tourist attractions in the district. Various halts at the tea gardens, baths at waterfalls, and dives in natural ponds are that will make your visit to Ilam one of the most cherished and remembered during your lifetime.


Siddhi Thumka - This place offers a majestic and splendid sunset and sunrise to its visitors and is situated at the height of 1800meters. From Siddhi Thumka one can easily view mountain range Churia, Mahabharata range, and Terai flatlands. It takes around 3 hours from Ilam Bazar to trek Siddhi Thumka. Chhintapu in the Ilam district is the second highest mountain peak at 3353 meters in height. The red panda, musk deer, rare herbs, and rhododendron are found here, most of which are endangered. 


From Chhintapu, the world's third-highest peak Mt. Kanchenjunga can be easily viewed and is the major part of the Ilam district. Just as grapes serve as the foundation stone of the Nashiks wine industry, so does the tea for Ilam. Tea here is the building block of the economy. Kanyam and Fikkal tea estates are highly popular among the tourists, and regular tours from private owners are arranged for here. Ilam is not only famous for its tea gardens but splendid lakes and hilltops are other hotspots that this place has. Ilam is a harmonized place with streams, dense forests, hills, farmlands, etc. that merge into to provide a serene environment to the place.


Shree Antu- Is also known as Antu Danda and Sandakpur, are mountains present near the Ilam district are a great peak to climb. With Mt. Kanchenjunga in the northern Himalayas, a scenic view can be observed that gives a breathtaking glimpse of the crowning mountains. Peaceful and glorious sunrise can be observed from these peaks early in the day. With fresh air and a cool breeze, a visitor will feel more rejuvenating and will be thrilled for the day-long excursions here in Ilam. Be there to be left mesmerized by nature itself. At a convenient distance from the Ilam bazaar lies Mt Lhotse and Mt Makalu. 


For more than 100 years, Fikkal and Kanyam, the largest tea estates in Ilam, have attracted numerous tourists and visitors to the lush green tea gardens. With valid documents, Indian and Nepali individuals can cross the border from the border town of Pashupatinagar next to Darjeeling. In November or October during Karthik Ekadashi, a special festival is organized in Ilam, where people from all over Nepal come and visit. Apart from this, Diwali here is celebrated with a different taste. Not only Diwali is celebrated to mark the rise of good over evil, but animals are also worshipped on Diwali.


On Diwali, people here take artis, tilak, and pooja of their dogs. This dictates the harmony of humans with animals and how beautifully they live together and have places for each other. Fikkal Bazar located in Ilam is a place to purchase varieties of teas and hard cheese. Apart from numerous tea types, fresh fruits and vegetables are exquisite to the Fikkal Bazar. On the way to a trip, picnic tourists can purchase these fresh foods harvested organically from nature's lap.


Whether your commute to Ilam for observing tea gardens or pilgrimage purposes, Ilam will give you more out of everything. From small hikes to tea processing plants, Mai Pokhari to botanical gardens, Ilam is situated in the lap of the Himalayas that gives you scenic views of the hilltops. Whether you are on a honeymoon or a date, Ilam offers you serene places to have a romantic mood with your partner with breathtaking panoramic views of the third largest peak in the world.  


Grand tours for the Himalayas, adventure sports like bike riding, surfing, paragliding, bungee jumping, etc. taking place in various parts of Nepal are from Ilam. Bring along with you from your journey a special tea from Ilam that will make your day invigorating, hard cheese to use for various topping, garnishing, and various dishes that will augment the natural flavors and aroma of your dishes, and make people want for more.


Get yourself immersed in the chants of god and goddesses in the various temples here. From a small beautiful crystal-clear emerald lake to diverse flora and fauna, Ilam is just filled with life and will give you a joyful experience.


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