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Why You Should Visit Lumbini In Nepal For At least Once in Lifetime


Nepal is the best place for those who want to travel out of India within a limited budget. Trip to Nepal is not only good for the family only but also for friends and couples as well. Lumbini is the destination in Nepal, which runs according to the Buddhist Tradition. This Buddhist Pilgrimage site is located in the Rupandehi District of Province no. 5 Nepal. At the time of 563 BCE, Queen Mahamayadevi gave birth to Siddhartha Guatama. Lumbini is quite an exciting place to plan the trip. If you ever visit Nepal, make sure to consider this place to visit to meet with the Buddhist tradition and culture. We have made the post for Lumbini and the details declared in the forthcoming paragraphs are about what you can do over there, what are the major attractions, what visitors need to take care of. This travel-friendly post is all for a traveler to make their trip perfect and comfortable. Now without wasting a single moment, let’s get started with the exploration of Lumbini, Nepal.

What Lumbini is famous for? 

Lumbini is famous for its worldwide monasteries. The Monasteries are not only the reason which makes Lumbini famous? Mayadevi Temple, Ashok Pillar, Ancient Bathing Pond, and Bodhi tree, also make the place famous. Lumbini is listed in the World Heritage site by UNESCO. The reason being is its historical, cultural, and religious values started over there in 1997.

Why is Lumbini important? 

For a traveler, it is very important to know the destination they are going to visit and why it is important. Actually, Lumbini comes in one of the four main pilgrimages of Buddhism. Not only this is a holy pilgrimage of Buddhist people but also for the Hindus also worship there. Buddha is considered as one of the many demonstrations of God Vishnu and this is the reason why Hindus worship Buddha as well.

Places to visit in Lumbini

In Lumbini, there are many places one can visit such as:

Bodhi Tree 

In the premises of Maya Devi, Bodhi Tree is located. This is situated right next to the shrine of the banks of the Maya Devi Pond. For meditation and chanting spiritual scripts, this tree is best. Sitting under the tree will automatically make you meditate properly due to the tranquility around the place. The Bodhi Tree is a very old age Peepal tree with lots of colorful prayer flags hanging in it. People believe that tying the prayer flag on the branches of the tree will make the wishes come true. The entire journey and life of Buddhas are associated with this tree. This is an ancient tree that is considered a holy pilgrimage. If you want to view the Bodhi Tree, make sure to visit it between 6 AM to 6 PM. There is no need to pay entry fees for this tree because charges are included in the entry fees of Maya Devi Temple. This place is very peaceful and calm, which offers inner peace and brings positive feelings in the mind and soul.

Maya Devi Pond 

Maya Devi Pond is located right near the Maya Devi Temple. Maya Devi Pond is shaped in a square shape with steps around it to sit and spend some peaceful time with nature. The Maya Devi Pond is also known as Puskarini, and this is the place where Gautama Buddha’s mother used to bathe. Even though Lord Buddha’s first bath was made in this pond, which is considered a holy place. On the occasional time, oil lamps lighten up around the pond to worship.

Ashoka Pillar

Ashoka Pillar is one of the 3rd century stone pillars which are built under the Ashoka Emperor. When the Ashoka visited Lord Buddha’s place, he accepted Buddhism and made this pillar in respect of them. It is located about 33kms away from the center of the city. Now you might think about why to visit this simple place. Actually, as the Ashoka Emperor made this with respect to Buddhism Culture, this makes it a good place to visit. This pillar is considered the first-ever structure. This is also located in the serene Maya Devi Temple. This is a good place to look for because this has an interesting and motivating history. This is a pink sandstone structure which is of the height of 6 meters. By the Nepalese archeologists, this structure was rediscovered.

World Peace Pagoda 

World Peace Pagoda is also known as Japan Peace Stupa. This monument is an early monument of the 21st century. In Lumbini, this is a famous tourist attraction that is known for peace. It is located outside the main compound; it is a glorious stupa. It is built with the traditional pagoda-style architecture. This monument is constructed by a Japanese Buddhist. Do you know how much this beautiful monument cost? It costs around US 1million$. There is a Golden Buddha Statue built with a white color monument that looks so fascinating and grabs the attention of everyone.

Lumbini Museum 

Inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Sacred Garden Area, this museum is located. In the museum, there are almost 12000 artifacts, which include Religious manuscripts, metal sculptures, coins from Maurya, Terra Cottas, stamps, and many other items from the history of the Kushana Dynasty. Currency from all over the world, which depicts Lumbini, is placed in the museum. There is one more place to visit just opposite the museum, which is Lumbini Research Institute (LIR). In this research center, the study is to be done for the Buddhism tradition. This museum is basically established in the 1970s and reimagined by Kris Yao, the architect who is from Taiwan, and his team.

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery 

Royal Thai Buddhist Monastery is a what-style monastery that is dedicated to Buddhist practices. This beautiful building was constructed with white marble, which enhances the appearance of it. This is a monument that is a fine example of purified architectural styles. It is a must-visit place due to its beautifully designed carvings on the temple.  

Sri Lankan Monastery 

This is a very beautiful Monastery that is made to give insight into the life of Gautama Buddha, which is very important for Buddhist culture and traditions. It is claimed that living in the monastery even as a guest also opens up many opportunities for that particular individual. This place is best for improving understanding and spiritual powers and chanting.  

Myanmar Golden Temple 

Myanmar Temple is considered one of the oldest structures in Lumbini. This temple is dedicated to Lord Buddha. There is a Shikara of corncob-shaped is located after the temple, which makes it have a regal look. This Shikara makes the whole experience of the temple much better. There are three prayer halls inside the temple where you can find inner peace due to the positive and calm aura over there.


What’s more to visit? 

The mentioned places are some special ones which a person should visit for sure. But still, there are many places left, which are also good to visit, such as China Temple, Korean Temple, Tilaurakot, Lumbini Monastic site, and a few more.

Things to do in Lumbini:

Now we are done with the visiting places, so this is the time when you need to look at what you can do at the destination to make the trip much more memorable. So the things you can do in Lumbini are:

Explore Monasteries 

Monasteries are a pleasant place to visit, and the reason behind visiting the monasteries is peace and tranquility. Monasteries are basically occupied by the monks who live there under religious traditions. The monks’ community is still growing and taking a wide space in these monasteries. If you will visit Lumbini, this is a very great place where you must visit to attain knowledge about Buddhism traditions and rituals.

Different monasteries are there in Lumbini such as:

  • Myanmar Golden Temple 
  • Mahabodhi Society Temple India
  • Chinese Monastery 
  • The Great Lotus Stupa, Germany Monastery

Trying Indian food from the street vendors 

What did we use to miss when we went to travel somewhere? The main thing we miss when we go to travel is the delicious food. In Nepal, you might feel like this because Nepalese Food is different from India. But in case you visit Lumbini, you can find Indian Food on the street. There are street vendors who sell Indian Food, which is seriously very delicious, and you won’t miss out on your home for that. Lumbini is located at the Indian Border, which makes Lumbini good in the Indian Flavors.

Take a bicycle of rent 

No doubt that you have a better convenience of taxis, but if you really want to avail of the beauty of Lumbini, just take a bicycle on rent. There are many villages situated near Lumbini, and these are traditionally good to meet with nature. Bike riding will take you more close to the local culture, which will help in exploring the rural parts properly. The rental wheel is the best way for sightseeing.

Go at any meditation class 

In the 21st century, everyone is busy with their hectic schedule, which does not allow them to take time for their health. It is hard for them to take out time to maintain their health and relax for a while. Meditation classes make their mind feel relaxed and stress-free. Meditation helps in increasing their concentration and focusing power. In Lumbini, there are many classes held by the monks for meditation, which helps in re-energizing them for their routine again. If you want to meditate, choose Bodhi Tree for that. Bodhi Tree is the best and perfect place to meditate.

Where to change the Indian Currency? 

If you want to visit Nepal, then you have to change the currency. Exchanging the currency after reaching Nepal can be done at the Airport. International Airport is the best option to exchange the currency because if you get into the place, then it might create a problem in exchanging.

What budget will be set to visit Lumbini? 

If we talk about budget, it all depends upon one’s wish and desire. If you want to travel in a budget-friendly way, choose the transport option for the train or public transport. Select affordable hotel rooms. The entire trip will come within the budget if you will take every step by keeping the budget in mind. If you want to expand the budget, you can make anything for that. Shop there, choose luxurious hotels, take a taxi on rent, and do other kinds of stuff which are expensive to expand the budget.

How to reach Lumbini? 

If you have any plans to visit Lumbini, it is important for you to know how you will reach there. At the same moment of departure, how all the things will get managed, so be prepared with everything before you leave from your place to Lumbini. To reach Lumbini, there are several ways which are:

Via Flight 

If you have a good amount of budget to travel to Lumbini, take a flight for sure. It will make the travel comfortable and cover the distance as well in less time. For the flight, you can reach Bhairahawa (Siddhartha Nagar) airport, which is only 22kms away from Lumbini. From Siddhartha Nagar, you can find much public transportation to reach the destination. If you don’t want to travel in public transportation, hire a personal taxi also.

Via Bus

If anyone travels by Bus, you can reach Sunauli. Traveling from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Gorakhpur, and Varanasi, there are buses to Sanauli, which is around 30kms away from Lumbini.

Via Train

From India, if you want to reach Lumbini in a budget-friendly way, then take a train to Gorakhpur. From Gorakhpur, take the train till Sunauli and catch the connecting buses to Lumbini. You can hire a taxi also to make travel easier for you.

How can you plan for a Lumbini Trip? 

  • Arrive at Kathmandu via a flight. 
  • Don’t go to Lumbini instantly, stay in Kathmandu and sightseeing to the destination. Visit Monkey Temple, Pashupatinath Temple, sightseeing of the valley, and many more places. Make a list of the destination while planning to Lumbini for Kathmandu. 
  • From Kathmandu, take a flight to Bhairawa Airport. From the airport, take a taxi on rent to reach Lumbini and capture the view of the valley and sightseeing. 
  • Lumbini only requires a half-day or maximum to maximum one day visit for the sightseeing and rural destinations. 
  • Drive to Chitwan from Lumbini after exploring the city overnight. 
  • There are some jungle activities organized by the organizers in Chitwan.
  • Have fun by doing those activities and make the trip more exciting. 
  • From Chitwan, you can drive to Pokhara. 
  • After Pokhara, choose Sarangkot for the sunrise and take the view of Pokhara valley as well. 
  • Now back to Kathmandu and get back to your own place. 

This is how you can plan your trip to Nepal and can meet with nature.

Is a taxi necessary to take? 

The choice is yours. There are many public transportation amenities available which you can take for reaching the place. But if you want to make the trip more comfortable, then you can take a taxi for that.

Best Time to Visit Lumbini

Every tourist thinks about the weather when he plans for any trip. The most important thing to understand about the best time to visit Lumbini is to choose the one which suits your desire. If you love winters, then plan the trip in winters to Lumbini. In case you want to visit Lumbini in summer, then choose the summer season to visit the place. 

April to May is considered the moderate time to visit Lumbini. The reason being is, in between those months, Lord Buddha born, which is celebrated in a great manner. From different parts of the world, Buddhists came to Nepal and celebrated Buddha Jayanti in a great manner. Not only Buddhist but Hindu flocks also visit at this time period. Lumbini looks so fascinating at this time period. The reason why Hindu visit Lumbini is they consider Lord Buddha as an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. You can visit Lumbini in the months of October and November. October to November is the autumn season in which the climate starts getting cooled? Views of sunrise and sunset are so mesmerizing and soothe the inner soul of an individual. Between December to February, the temperature lowers down up to 30 C also which is a high cold temperature, so if possible, then avoid these months. Other than this, consider any of the months which suits your desire.  

Where to stay? 

There are many hotels and staying options available in Lumbini, so you can choose any one of them as suitable according to the requirements and budget both. 

I hope that now your trip to Lumbini will be fine enough because this will help you to decide what and how you should plan your trip.   



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