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Things To Know on a trip to Yuksom


Do you want to visit northeast India this vacation? Then you should travel to Yuksom once. This is a small attractive village that is located in the Western part of Sikkim that is known for its natural and splendid beauty. This place is located at the height of 1780m. Yuksom was actually the ancient capital of Sikkim that has a religious connection and is known as the third eye of Sikkim. This place is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. People who want to get away from their hectic schedule and stress of life should land on this destination to enjoy a good time in the lap of nature. It is rejuvenating and unwinding. This is very close to the Kanchenjunga National park. This is located amidst the mountains that are covered with lush greenery on all sides, making you feel like staying under a green blanket. You can also gain quick access to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga. This is the favorite tourist spot of many tourists, not just the locals, but also from across the globe. People who want to do some adventurous trekking that create an adrenaline rush in the body can come to this destination. There are many sightseeing places that take you to another world that is filled with serenity and tranquility.

The best thing is that foodies can enjoy the local cuisine of Yuksom. The food items will definitely tickle and carve them to have more and more of it. This village also has a rich history that Sikkimese would give high importance to. This is the place where the first Chogyal was crowned in the year 1642. The Chogyals have ruled Sikkim for around 333 years. This is the uniqueness of this place. The locals have embraced eco-tourism in Yuksom, and this village is also considered an eco-tourism village.

There is a gamut of religious and historical places to visit in Yuksom such as the Dubdi monastery, Sangachoeling monastery, and many other places. These two are the monasteries that were first constructed in Sikkim. This place has a rich history of Buddhism. The beautiful and sparkling Khecheopalri Lake is another tourist attraction of this place. The charm and beauty of the city attract many tourists to land at this destination to enjoy trekking, visiting monasteries, witness nature’s beauty, and immerse in the spiritual world. The meaning of Yuksom is the meeting place of the three lamas. It is stated that the three lamas who have come from Tibet have landed at this place to strengthen their hold on Sikkim. This place is filled with ancient monasteries, lakes, historical monuments, and lush greenery on all sides that make you feel spellbound.

You can also learn about the local culture and historical folklore by talking to the locales of the place. This place has an abundant history to be ingested by history lovers. Moreover, nature, as well as animal lovers, can visit the Khangchendzonga National Park to find the rarest of animal and plant species. Travelers who want to spend some quality time with them can wander in the hills that are close to this place. The sky is also clear to enjoy the stars for hours together. You also have a lot of stuff to shop in the local markets that are totally different from the bustling marketplace. This village is spread across 2000+ acres that are surrounded by mountains and wrapped by Mount Kanchenjunga.


What is the best time to visit Yuksom?

The weather is welcoming and pleasant, always in Yuksom. You can visit anytime throughout the year to enjoy the beauty of nature and immerse in the spirituality by visiting the monasteries of the place while enjoying the scenic delights. Though you can visit at any time, when you visit during the months of March, April, May, and June, you can enjoy the charm of the place. As this place is situated at an altitude that is average, therefore the weather conditions also remain moderate. The right time to visit is from March to June and from September to November. The winter of this place is quite chilling. The winter lasts from December to February months. The forest area of this place is very rich and contains chestnut, birch, silver fir, oak, maple, magnolia, and many other things that you get to see.


How to reach Yuksom?

You can reach this destination by airways, railways, and roadways. The closest airport to reach this destination is Bagdogra airport that is just 170 km away from Yuksom.


Various places to visit in Yuksom

Following are the best tourist attractions that are to be visited by the tourists who are in Yuksom for vacation.

Khecheopalri Lake: This Lake is just 26 km away from Yuksom. When you go trekking from Yuksom-Pelling, you can come across this beautiful Lake that is serene. This Lake is famously known as a wish-fulfilling Lake by the locals. Many people from across the globe believe that whatever wish that you make at this Lake would be fulfilled. The uniqueness of this Lake is that you do not see any of the leaves floating on the water in the lakes since when the leaves are falling into the Lake, the birds around will pick the leaves immediately that are floating. This Lake is at the height of 8000 feet and is 28 km away from Pelling. This is the largest Lake in Sikkim that grabs the attention of many tourists to visit this when they are in Sikkim. This is the sacred Lake that is located in the forest and the biggest one. This Lake has a connection with Goddess Tara. There are many stories that you can hear from the locals of this place on the Lake. The water in the Lake would be very pure and pristine that it remains clean and clear. In addition to the tourists, pilgrims also come to this place to offer prayers every year.

Tashiding Monastery: This is the most sacred and important place for Buddhists as this Monastery was constructed by Guru Padmasambhava, who is a Buddhist Master. This Monastery is constructed in the Buddhist architectural style and has a collection of artifacts that you can witness inside the Monastery. The ideal time to visit this Monastery is during the month of February and March. During this time, the Bumchu Festival is celebrated on a grand scale, and this is the biggest and famous sacred water festival for Buddhists during the 14th and 15th day of the Lunar month every year. The devotees who come to this place during this time are blessed with holy water. The holy water is taken once a year during this time and is sealed by the lamas in the Monastery again.

This monastery has been deteriorating during the earthquake, and it was rebuilt by the state government of Sikkim later. The amazing colors and architecture would not let you take off the eyes from its beauty. There are many ceremonies that are held in this monastery. This has to be visited by every tourist who is in Yuksom to experience local life. This monastery is constructed on a heart-shaped hill that also gives you a beautiful view of Mount Kanchenjunga. This monastery was constructed in the 18th century AD by Ngadak Sempa Chempo, who is one of the three lamas. There is also a Chorten that you can find in Tashiding. Many devotees strongly believe that this Chorten would help them to get rid of all their sins.

Dubdi Monastery: This is just 3 km away from Yuksom. The meaning of Dubdi in English is “The Retreat.” This is also known by the other name, i.e., Yuksom Monastery. This is located on the land that is surrounded by greenery on all sides, and the interior of this monastery is designed in an attractive manner. This monastery is the home to many artifacts, Buddhist symbols, and structures. This is the place where you can also get to learn about the history of Buddhists. This is known as the ancient Gompa in Sikkim that was built in 1701. This is a Tibetan monastery that belongs to the Nyingma sect and established by Chogyals. This is the main part of the Buddhist pilgrimage that is located on the hill, and you have to go by walk to reach this monastery. This is called the Hermit cell and is named after the founder of this monastery, i.e., Lhatsun Namkha Jigme. This is the only monastery that still exists of a total of four monasteries that were constructed during this time in Sikkim. This is at the height of 7000 feet that has the images of saints and gods in the collection of manuscripts and books. You can also witness the statues of the three lamas inside the monastery where Dubdi was established.

Kanchendzonga National Park: This is just 33 km away from Yuksom. This is one of the famous national parks that are in India. This place has many endangered species such as Red Panda, Himalayan Black bear, Sloth bear, snow leopard, grey peacock pheasant, blood pheasant, and many other creatures that are just found in the Himalayan range. This is the place where you get to witness the unique wild creatures. This is open all year. The majority of the tourists would be visiting this place during the months of April and May. You can also go for a safari ride if the weather permits. This is the most important destination to be visited when you are in Yuksom. This is located at a greater height and has around 500 species of flora and different types of birds. If you are a nature and birds lover, you can take photographs of the unique birds at this place. This national park has around 17 alpine lakes and gives a breathtaking view of around 19 Himalayan mountain peaks of which you can also witness Mount Khangchendzonga. In this place, you can also visit the sacred place, i.e., Tholing Monastery. There are taxi services available to visit this park.

Tashi Tenka: The historical and royal complex of Tashi Tenka was built when Yuksom became the capital of Sikkim. As this is constructed on the ridge, it gives a better view of the whole city to the tourists. The ideal time to visit this destination is from March to May. This is the happening point where you can enjoy the charm and beauty of the whole city in a 360-degree view. This destination has to be visited by the tourists to enjoy the heritage of the city and witness its scenic beauty.

Norbugang Coronation Throne: This building has a cultural history and religious significance as this is the place where the Phuntsog Namgyal was crowned and became the first Chogyal of Sikkim. This site is equipped with a spacious prayer hall, prayer wheel, and also a Stupa. You can also witness a holy lake attached to this place that is called by Kathok Lake. You can reach the Yuksom market that is just 20 minutes away from this complex by foot. This is the place where all the three lamas have come together to impart knowledge about Buddhism. You can see the prayer flags related to Buddhism all around this place, which makes you feel the serenity and divinity in the air. This is the best example of religious and cultural heritage. The garden that is around this place is filled with many trees and plants that are especially found in Sikkim. The visitors love to stay at this place and take a walk to feel the serene environment. The best time to visit this is from March to May.

Katok Monastery: This is the Monastery that is located closer to Katok Lake. This is the place where all the Sikkim ceremonies are carried out and also is the place where Buddhists will offer their prayers. This can be visited any time during the time, and this Monastery is open throughout the year. This is an important monastery in the town that is named after one of the Lamas, who is a critical part of the first sovereign state of this place. The interior and exterior of this Monastery are beautiful and impressive. You can interact with the monks in the Monastery and find some solace. The ideal time to visit this Monastery is from March to June.

Gurudongmar Lake: This is another serene and beautiful lake that is located in Sikkim. This is at the height of 17,000 feet and has crystal clear water. This lake is considered to be sacred by tourists. There is a part of the lake that remains unfrozen even during the winter months. From this place, you can get a clear-cut view of Mt. Kheng Cheng Yao. This lake is just 247 km from Yuksom.


Things to do in Yuksom

A few of the interesting things that you should not miss to do in Yuksom include:


Yuksom is an amazing destination in Sikkim to go for a trek with friends and family. A few of the best trekking destinations that you can find in Yuksom include:

  • Yuksom to Dzongri Trek: When you are trekking from Yuksom to Dzongri, you would get to witness the beautiful landscapes and lofty hills. You can also witness the cascading waterfalls along with the sunset point such as Tiger hill when you are trekking at this point. 
  • Pemayangtse to Yuksom Trek: This is a six-hour trek. You need to pass through Barey and Oranges while trekking through this route. 
  • Yuksom to Bakhim: This is another famous trekking destination that takes five hours. You have to cross dense forests and high mountains, which gives you an exciting and adventurous experience.

Basudha Farm: This is just 30 km away from Yuksom. You can reach this destination in less than an hour when you take a taxi or car from Bishnupur. 

Biodiversity Festival: This is the most famous festival that is held in Yuksom where the people are educated on protecting the environment and preserving the heritage. 



There are many hotels and residences available in Yuksom where you can stay happily. These places are equipped with all the amenities that you look for. There are also budget hotels where you can have a stay that makes you feel like staying away from home. The view from all these hotels would be great and amazing. 


Food at Yuksom

As this is a godforsaken place, therefore you do not find many food supplies. There are a few places where you can enjoy the scrumptious meals and delicacies of Sikkim. You should not miss trying out momos that would taste like a Feta Cheese. Tongba is another famous dish that you should taste. This is made of fermented millet grains where the bamboo stem cut would be used as a tumbler. To this mixture, hot water would be added to make port wine.


How to reach Yuksom?

There are 3 ways to reach Yuksom:


By Road: If you are planning to travel by road, then you can reach Yuksom within 5 hours from Geyzing (44.9 km) taking a private or shared jeep. One can also take a bus to reach this point. The roads to Yuksom are poorly lit, so taking a morning bus from the railway station or airport is advisable in comparison to a night journey by bus.

By Railway: Travelers, who wish to experience a journey by train, must know that New Jalpaiguri Railway Station is the sole option available. Traveling by train is a very reasonable alternative to reach Yuksom. This railhead connects major states of the country. From this station, one can hire a private vehicle or a taxi to reach Yuksom.

By Air: Visitors who wish to reach Yuksom by plane, Bagdogra Airport located 160 km from this town is the closest airport. This airport receives flights from various major destinations across India. On getting down at this airport one can easily hire a cab or take a taxi to Yuksom.



This is the most famous tourist destination where many trekkers visit to enjoy the trekking experience to the core. This village is the epitome of eco-tourism. This is surrounded by monasteries, lakes, and national parks. This village is very famous for its culture and religious importance. The best part of this place is that it is blessed in abundance with gorgeousness. This is a must-visit the historical town by the tourists who visit Sikkim.


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