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Swayambhu Mandir Nepal a monkey temple


Swayambhu Mandir is located in the heart of Nepal and It is only 3 km of walking distance from Thamel, Kathmandu. Swayambhu Mandir is an ancient religious architecture atop a hill in the Kathmandu valley. The temple has a dome stupa, which is called Swayambhu Mahachaitya. The Swayambhu temple is well known by several names but it is commonly known as “Monkey Temple.” Swayambhu got this name because the rhesus primates lived there in the large no.



The learning and wisdom of Bodhisattva rose on the hill on which the Swayambhu Temple is made. This is the reason behind the name Monkey Temple.


One has to take 365 stone steps to reach the temple. The co-founder of the temple is the grandfather of king Manadeva at the start of the 5th century. Many visiting points are stated there to explore and for the research as well. It's a good destination if one chooses to travel. You can visit there with friends and family as well. This post is especially for you to understand the things regarding the trip to Swayambhu Mandir in Nepal. In this post, you will get to know about the essential things related to the Monkey Temple and how to plan and manage things in a better way and within your means to make the trip a great experience of your life. Don’t delay and find out the best of traveling ways to Nepal.


Why is Swayambhu Mandir famous?


Swayambhu Mandir is famous for many things but the main attraction point of the Mandir is the White Stupa along with the 365 steps. One has to climb all these steps to reach the stupe. There is 20 kg of gold which was used in the renovation of the Dome in the year 2010. This is done specially for the shining of the stupa. There are minor temples around the Mandir where one can definitely enjoy the entire view of the surroundings from the top.

These are some things that make the sputa famous. Needless to say, it has a great history and endless beauty that attracts people. It is a good destination for traveling as there is a complete change in the environment due to peace, and it’s the beauty that makes people feel pleasure.

Swayambhu is also one of the holiest Buddhist stupas in Nepal. It is said to have evolved impulsively when the valley was created out of an ancient lake more than 2,000 years ago. This stupa is the oldest of its kind in Nepal and has numerous shrines and monasteries on its premises. 

Why is Swayambhu Mandir important?

It has many ancient things, along with historical things. These things have great importance; that is why they are still kept safely and securely. All the historic things regarding the stupa and temple and the history are kept in the Swayambhu Buddhist Museum. The Museum is located in the corner of the stupa. The building of the Museum is easily highlighted because it is made up of small red bricks. The building of the Museums was damaged a little due to the earthquakes but still, it is open for the visitors.

In the Museum, there is a large collection of antiques that are related to Buddhists and statues of them. These things were put close to the stupa for the past several years and now these things are kept safely in the Museum. There are no entry fees and it is completely free for visitors as well for normal people.


Attractions in Swayambhu Mandir


  1. Vajra - The Lightning Bolt

It is the place in the Swayambhu Mandir where the Vajra is placed and it is in the way towards the stupa. While going there, you see a flash of immense lightning or glowing bolt, which is located just above the Mandal which is reflected as the base of Vajra. Its lighting is really attractive. All the people watch it and go through it from there when they come to explore the temple.

  1. The main stupa of Swayambhu

This is the main attraction in the Swayambhu Mandir. There is a huge temple where the stupa is located and on the stupa, there are two eyes gazing at the entire place around the temple. Both of the eyes are big and are visible to the visitors. It seems like they are making eye contact with the visitors and it is the main part that attracts them most, and it’s actually appearing like that the giant eyes are seeing towards you.


Nearby places of Swayambhu Mandir


There are 5 places to go through that are located near the Swayambhu Mandir. There is a build that holds a total of five rudiments that are designed or based on the five elements, such as air, water, fire, sky, and earth. All the places reflect their importance from the different aspects of Buddha. These places are situated when we turn left to form the 365 stone steps. Let’s check about the places with us and grab a complete guide.

  1. Ajima Temple

This Temple is well known by the name of Hariti temple. There are two-tiered slither that have endless beauty and designed as a Newari style Mandir. There are some strict rules and regulations that are implemented so that people are not allowed to capture pictures here, especially in front of the shrine. It is the Temple that is popular among all of Kathmandu because of its immense crowd. The temple belongs to Goddess Chickenpox and the Goddess brings cure to the children affected by the disease. This is the main reason behind the Temple. Along with this, it has some other story that you are going to know after visiting or searching, particularly about the Temple.

  1. Dipankara Buddha 

The temple has another name as Shakyamuni Buddha. This temple is situated back in the Hariti Temple. This is highlighted from far away from the temple because it is designed with the black stone standing and tall Buddha. It has a specialty that the Buddha with the black stone is situated on the top of the temple.

Generally, Buddhists believe that there has been a succession of many Buddhas in the distant past and that many more will appear in the future; Dipankara, then, would be one of numerous previous Buddhas, while Gautama was the most recent, and Maitreya will be the next Buddha in the future.

  1. Pratappur Temple

This is the long-time which is located in front of the monastery. This temple is renovated more than one time. This happened due to the damage by the fire in the year 2000 but it got repaired within a short time. Then again, after a decade in the year 2011, it got in the trap of thunder & lightning, and once again it was damaged. The temple is located opposite the Anantapur temple. This temple is destroyed in the year 2015, and now it is repaired in a good manner.

  1. Shantipur Temple - The Sky Element

It is the damaged building of the main element that kept the famous tales of Nepal. This is the temple that was originated 1500 years ago. This temple is very well known as it is contributing towards the sky.

These are the places to visit around the Swayambhu Mandir in Nepal and there are so many places that have traditional importance with an elegant looking view.


Why choose Nepal to travel to?


The most important thing is that we Indians don’t digest the different food easily from other places. So in Nepal, Indian food and dishes are easily available and one is not going to miss the Indian lifestyle and food as well. There is Indian food with some different touch & taste, and it is really delicious. One can never forget the taste of the food as it is so amazing. There are street vendors who sell Indian dishes at a reasonable cost and serve them with the finest quality. Around Swayambhu Mandir, you will easily get Indian food with premium quality and taste.


Important Things to Notice


  1. Take Bike on rent

There are many places to walk around. Those places are not very far from each other. All the places situated near each other. Traveling from one place to another is easy. One can walk to reach the next destination, but they will get tired soon. So a vehicle is important, but to hire a taxi or use a public vehicle is typical. So taking a bike on rent is a good option with complete privacy. One can move anywhere easily according to his mood or need. There is no restriction, and one will enjoy the trip at the edge. This makes soothing your trip and provides facilities for you.

  1. Hire a Private Taxi

It is a good option for privacy because, in the privately hired taxi, no one will be able to sit in that or use this vehicle up to the time you are paying for the same. It is the most comfortable option and gives you safety and privacy as well. You are free to make any call or to relax. If we look into the budget, then we will see that it weighs more cost than the bike on rent. Because here you are serving up with the driver, but on a bike, you would not.

  1. When and where to change the currency?

Indian currency is to be changed at the international airport after landing in Nepal. It is important to change the currency there because it can't be done at the airport, then it will go to create the problem further. If there is no regional currency, then the visitor is not able to make any transaction in another country.

  1. It’s important to decide the budget before any other things

Budget is one important factor that you need to consider. Before your trip, fix a budget and plan the trip accordingly. You can use public transports and trains, and it will surely cut down a good amount from your travel expenses. While booking hotels, you can do thorough research and find affordable ones. It will be better if you book the hotels beforehand so that you can get them at a much cheaper rate.

On the other hand, if you have a limitless budget and you want a luxurious trip, then go ahead with the booking of air and go for the luxurious hotel with another comfort. Hire a guide there who will assist you and guide you about the things.


How to reach Swayambhu Mandir - Nepal


One has to reach Kathmandu in Nepal to visit the Swayambhu temple because the temple is located near Kathmandu. It is only about 4.8 km from Kathmandu. You have to reach the swayambhu marg, and you will easily arrive at the temple.




  • Initially, books tickets from India to Kathmandu and reached there by Air
  • Pre-book of living space there and take rest, then look into the popular places of Kathmandu then further plan for the desired place because it is special for you, so you have to make some special time to visit there.
  • From Kathmandu, hire a private or public transport by which you reach the Swayambhu Mandir. It is only 4.8 km away from Kathmandu. You will easily arrive there.
  • Hang out there, capture memorable and loving pictures, and do interesting activities. Do the things that make the trip memorable.
  • Then go further for your plans and visit the desired places. Then come back by the sources you feel comfortable with or the air.


When to visit?


  • It completely depends on the traveler when one has to visit there.
  • If one is going for an event or special thing, then the time doesn’t matter, but when one wants to go there for the purpose of holidays or fun, then he has to visit accordingly.
  • Choose the weather that one likes the most and suitable according to their health condition. 
  • If the person is engaged in the profession, then he has the only time to visit in the summer or winter vacations. At this time, he can easily plan a trip with the family or friends.
  • There is an important thing to check about before visiting there; it was the existing temperature at the time. In October, November, it is colder than ever as the temperature below equals 3 degrees. So it is not suitable for the Indians because it makes them sick. So prefer the moderate environment that exists from April to May. You have to check the existing temperature before visiting there.
  • One has to conclude all these things before visiting there; if one doesn't, then it will raise new or different complications in the journey. One is visiting far away from the home town. It is not easy to visit there one has to set everything accordingly and do things in a well-mannered way. Setting up all the things tends to a better journey as it maintains your budget and everything is pre-decided.
  • One will never be going to face anything wrong if he walks according to the guide. These are the main things we had already discussed, and they will tend to create problems. If one is going to take the guidance and precautions before then, he is not going to suffer from anything that makes them feel uneasy and tired.


Mode of Reach to Kathmandu, Nepal


There are 3 ways that one can reach Nepal during their holiday trip.

  1. Air: Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is the only International airport in the region. There are a handful of airlines that operate daily from major Indian cities including Jet Airways, Indigo, and Air India. Other airlines that connect Nepal to various international destinations are Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airlines, Silk Air, Oman Airlines, Air China, Air Asia, FlyDubai, and Air Arabia.


  1. Railway: The main train line that runs for passengers between India and Nepal is from Gorakhpur town in Uttar Pradesh, ending its route across the Sunauli border at Janakpur. Finding trains from local Indian cities to Gorakhpur is easy as there are many options, like Chauri Chaura Express, Kashi Express, Sapt Kranti Superfast Express. Once there, public buses and some taxis are available to take you 6 hours drive to Kathmandu.



  1. Road: With six border crossings with India, road travel is an economical and scenic way to reach Nepal. For those coming from Delhi or Varanasi, the most convenient crossing point is Sunauli, near Bhairahawa. There are daily direct air-conditioned buses from both cities available, as well as private cars for hire. The other popular crossing is the Raxaul border accessible from Patna which leads you to Birganj in central Nepal. Those traveling from West Bengal or Bihar can opt for this entrance with bus services and hired cars available. The next two frequented crossings include the Panitanki and Banbasa crossings that take you to Kakarbhitta and Bhimdatta in Nepal, respectively. Choose the first if you’re traveling from towns in North East India like Gangtok or Sikkim.



So take precautions and do the things according to your comfort that makes you feel pleasant, and you will grab the best of everything with the immense enjoyment there. You just have made things clear in mind that you have to do everything according to your budget and the previously decided plan. Don’t even try to change things because if the journey is started, it will create problems further. 









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