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Also known as Geyzing or Gyalshing, is the capital of the West Sikkim district. Located at an altitude of 6,500 feet above sea level and surrounded by lofty mountains of the Himalayan range. Gyalshing also has a river namely Rangeet surging in the western part of the city. Besides the scenic beauty of nature that can be witnessed from here, this capital city is also replete with a number of monasteries which make it a prime location for many tourists and travelers flocking to Sikkim. 

Gyashing means “the King’s Garden” which is believed to be the royal gardens attached to the Palace at Rabdentse. Sikkim’s former capital till the late 18th century and now it has become a bustling town and one of the main transit points to various tourist destinations dotted across the region. Gyalshing’s neighbors are Rabdentse and Pemayangtse which are Sikkim's premier monasteries. Also, opposite the bustling Gyalshing bazaar is the longest and believed to be the holiest Mendang or Holy Wall, constructed by the third king, Chogyal Chador Namgyal. The Gyalshing bazaar is also believed to be the oldest marketplace here established under the influence of Pemayangste Monastery’s monk body for their personal shopping needs and for the public residing in the villages and small towns around the monastery. This market has been the key marketplace for all monks to conduct their monastic shopping and also a place where the villagers could sell their products. Since its inception, the Gyalshing bazaar has been the gathering place for all the villagers every Sunday to buy and sell. Today, the market has become well equipped with a variety of eateries and places where both locals and tourists alike can spend some free time buying souvenirs and trinkets.

There are also a number of places of worship for all faiths here. There are a number of tourist locations and activities in and around Gyalshing and visitors can take day excursions to nearby lakes and monasteries. People with an adventurous mindset can go for hiking trips from one village to the next as almost every small village in West Sikkim has a multitude of offerings for tourists associated with nature, culture, and adventure. 


Distance from Gangtok

Gyalshing is just 109 km from Gangtok which is very well connected with all the district subdivisions and jeep taxis operate regularly from all the neighboring villages to Gyalshing on a daily basis. Tourists travelling from outside Sikkim can easily find themselves in Gyalshing by taking any sort of transportation from the nearest railway station or airport, which is just 136 km from Gyalshing.

Best time to visit

The beautiful town of Geyzing is swarmed by tourists from places far and wide. The perfect time to travel to this place is in the months of March, April, May, and June.


Nearby Places to visit

Varsey Rhododendron Sanctuary - Lying in the southwest corner of the West Sikkim district, Barsey is well known for its vibrant and colorful Rhododendron flower. This sanctuary encompasses over 104 sq. km across the razor-sharp Singalila Range which forms the natural international border with our neighboring country Nepal. The bridle path from Hilley to Barsey is a favorite among tourists especially during the Rhododendron flowering season and the faunal treasures of the sanctuary include Leopard Cat, Himalayan Yellow Throated Marten, Himalayan Palm Civet, Himalayan Langur, Crimson Horned Pheasant, Monal Pheasant, Kaleej, and many diverse species of birds. Hence Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary is a treasure trove for wildlife and birding enthusiasts and is therefore frequented by a number of wildlife photographers and ornithologist enthusiasts throughout the year.

A trek through Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary can be approached from a number of entry points ranging from Dentang, Soreng, and Hilley. The small town of Hilley in West Sikkim however, is preferred out of the three owing to its proximity to a motorable road. There are taxis available from Gangtok to Hilley which is roughly 130 km away. If not you can take a taxi to Uttarey and walk the trek begins at the Hilley gate and continues for 4 km from Sombaria to Barsey, the first campsite. Though most tourists choose to end the trek at Barsey, passionate trekkers who want to carry on the need to hire a local guide who is familiar with the area and arrange for camping provisions as well as porters. The next stretch is a mix of treks both uphill and downhill. You will pass plenty of wide-open meadows that offer extensive views of the surrounding mountains as well as numerous little mountain streams.


Yangtey Town - At an altitude of 6000 ft, Yangtey is a small village lies very close to the town of Pelling in Sikkim which is famous for the amazing views of Mt. Kanchenjungha that this place offers. The scenery here is marked by magnificent peaks of the Eastern Himalayas covered by clouds. The ancient monasteries located at Yangtey are a great example of ancient art culture and quite a specimen of the past. Yangtey is a delicate hamlet just 9 km from Pelling, lying nearby to many tourist attractions such as Khangchendzonga waterfalls, Khecheopalri Lake, Rimbi Waterfalls, Rabdentse Ruins, Sewaro Rock Garden, Temi Tea Garden, Geyzing, Legship, and Pemyangtse. Apart from the splendid sight of the Himalayas, Yangtey also has a name for its beautiful Tashigang Resort lying amidst plush green gardens and lawns. A trip to the Khecheopalri Lake, which is known as one of the holy lakes in Sikkim will be the highlight of your holiday. 

Khecheopalri Lake - Khecheopalri Lake, originally known as Kha-Chot-Palriis a lake located near Khecheopalri village. Located 34 kilometers to the northwest of Pelling town, this lake is believed to be a wish-fulfilling lake. The Khecheopalri Lake has gained more popularity because of the fact that leaves are not allowed to float on the lake as they are picked up by birds instantly whenever they see a leaf floating on it. Due to this reason, many people wait near the lake to witness the magical moment in front of their eyes. The celebration of various Buddhist festivals has also attracted various devotees of Lord Buddha and they spend most of the time in the temples near the lake. The stunning Khecheopalri Lake lake is an integral part of Buddhist monasteries. Due to its rich biodiversity, it holds a lot of importance in terms of eco-tourism and pilgrimage. The sacredness and the purity of the lake are preserved to date.

Rabdentse Ruins & Bird Park - The mosaic of the Rabdentse Ruins adjacent to the Pemayangtse Monastery is a sight to behold. Your travel video logs will attract audiences across the globe if you feature this sight while traveling to Pelling and around. These ruins speak volumes about the history of Sikkim and its heritage with intrusive Nepalese snippets. The greenery around this enormous expanse is wonderful with Chestnut trees and a pair of “Namphogang” stones. Either visit it before the monsoon or after, you will only find one of the best travel memories that you’ll make here. With scenic pleasure and windy weather, you wouldn’t want to turn back. This place is quaint, silent, and mesmerizing, like small heaven near Pelling. The place is an absolute necessity visit for the history-fans who need to delve into the state’s past amidst a breath-taking view of the Kanchenjunga crest and the spouting stream moving through the lower regions. While strolling here, one will see ‘Taphap Chorten’ which was the primary purpose of the castle also offering a splendid view of the valleys. Close by this is ‘Touch Lhagang’. Close to this, a white marble structure is known as “Risum Gompa”.

To make the most out of it, don’t forget to visit the Rabdentse Bird Park adjacent to the maze of ruins. Here you will find the ancient links of Bhutan, Tibet, and Nepal. Pheasant & Reeves are the common birds here while you take a rightful pleasure, sightseeing their habitation. 


Yuksom - This is a small attractive village that is located in the Western part of Sikkim that is known for its natural and splendid beauty. This place is located at the height of 1780m. Yuksom was actually the ancient capital of Sikkim that has a religious connection and is known as the third eye of Sikkim. This place is away from the hustle and bustle of the city. People who want to get away from their hectic schedule and stress of life should land on this destination to enjoy a good time in the lap of nature. It is rejuvenating and unwinding. This is very close to the Kanchenjunga National park. This is located amidst the mountains that are covered with lush greenery on all sides, making you feel like staying under a green blanket. You can also gain quick access to the base camp of Mount Kanchenjunga. This is the favorite tourist spot of many tourists, not just the locals, but also from across the globe. People who want to do some adventurous trekking that create an adrenaline rush in the body can come to this destination. There are many sightseeing places that take you to another world that is filled with serenity and tranquility.


Pemayangtse Monastery

Amongst the woods, on the higher altitude of the hill station, this monastery exudes a divine calling for spiritual tourists. If you are one of them, you will wish to never leave. In fact, this monastery is the opposite of Sanga Choeling Monastery. Hence, you can visit them both on one single trip. The word Pemayangste converts into Perfect Sublime Lotus in English, being only 2 km away from Pelling. Everything about the architecture of this monastery clearly shouts about the magnificence of Tibetan art and designs. You will be amazed looking at the pictures, tapestries, and window frames. 

Traveling to this place is comfortable even with regular taxi services for outsiders. Therefore, it wouldn’t be a hassle if you do not wish to trek to this hill point. 


Kangchenjunga Falls & Khecheopalri Lake

A fantastic way to make your trip worthwhile is to take advantage of what Pelling and its neighboring towns have in store for you and your natural tour & travel needs. Located nearby, you will see Kanchenjunga Falls, Khecheopalri Lake, and its viewpoints, as well as Tashi Choling Monastery. This would be like morning and afternoon well spent before you decide to go on a trek or try binge eating local food in Yuksom. Talking about the lake, it’s a mystic sight with dense forest. Definitely, calling your survival skills to kick in seeing the eerie quiet nearby. But that’s the wonder about it at the same time. You can shout at the Khecheopalri viewpoint and listen to your own voice, getting echoed back. Click those wonderful selfies and let the windy air caress your skin in the middle of Sikkim’s little aquatic heaven consisting of the lake as well as the Kangchenjunga Fall. 

If you wish to make it more interesting, you can also buy the snacks for the fishes in the lake and regale at the sigh of them coming to the top of the lake to be fed. Also, with nearby stalls, you can have a nice cup of tea, snacks, and maybe purchase one or two local souvenirs to take back home. Moreover, you will also find some local treks starting from Khecheopalri Lake if you wish to test the adventurer in you. The duration of these treks is around 5 hours for which it’s best you visit after September kicks in. 


Gyalshing Bazaar 

This is one of the oldest markets in the area, dating back to 100 years ago. This lies opposite to the Mending or Holy Wall which was constructed by the third king- Chogyal Chador Namgyal. It is close to Radentse and Pemayangste. This has been a place where monks from the monasteries and villagers could do their shopping and merchants from villages could sell their goods like vegetables, dairy products, crops, and other items of daily use. Growing over a period of time, the market is now a full-fledged market with shops for every purpose. This is also a community center with a meditation hall and places of worship for all.

Gyalshing is a place not to be missed by anyone who wants to take time off to learn more about the culture, flora, and fauna of Sikkim, and explore views of the Himalayas.


Where to Stay 

Norbu Ghang Resort - Norbu Gang resort is a vast estate positioned gracefully on a hillock. This comfy hotel is flanked by the mighty Kanchenjunga and lush greenery. The hotel is designed in a traditional style and boasts an immense assortment of contemporary amenities. The staff of this hotel renders warm hospitality and an array of facilities that enhances the level of comfort of travelers.

Room Amenities: There are 32 tastefully designed rooms in the resort. These rooms are well equipped with contemporary facilities like Television, Telephone, Bed, etc. There are two categories of rooms i.e. Deluxe Rooms and Denzong Suites. 

The Aryan Regency Hotel - Located in the stunning location of Pelling, The Aryan Regency offers a beautiful ambiance blessed with imposing vistas of the Himalayas. Nature lovers can relish homely, neat, and comfortable accommodation in this hotel. The staff of this hotel makes sure that the guests experience a never-to-be-forgotten stay. 

Room Amenities: The comfy resort consists of elegantly designed rooms divided into three categories i.e. Family Suites, Standard Rooms, and Deluxe Rooms. These rooms are equipped with amenities offering the guests an undoubtedly comfortable stay. The rooms and suites also offer breathtaking views of Mount Kanchenjunga.

Chumbi Mountain Retreat -  Chumbi Mountain Retreat is a resort that offers a mesmerizing natural environment to the guests. The resort renders wonderful views of Mount Kanchenjunga. The resort renders warm hospitality in utter tranquility. The guests can relish modern facilities amalgamated with traditional heritage ambiance.

Room Amenities: The rooms of this accommodation option in Pelling are precisely designed with fine furnishing and wonderful interiors. The traditional-style rooms are equipped with amenities such as television, television, attached bathrooms, etc. 

Pachu Village Resort - Pachu Village Resort is located in Chumbhong Village. The comfy hotel proffers relaxing accommodation along with imposing vistas of evergreen hills. Equipped with a range of top-notch facilities like laundry, front desk, room service, etc., Pachu Village Resort is the epitome of warm hospitality. Pachu Village Resort is one of the unique vacation resorts ideal for travelers who are seeking the real Pelling experience.

Room amenities: The stunning designed rooms of Pachu Village Resort are subdivided into two categories, i.e. Deluxe Double and Luxury Suite. These rooms and suites are equipped with all the contemporary comforts. The first-rate interiors of these rooms are meticulously appointed with impressive furnishings.

So, what are you waiting for? Go online and book your tickets to Sikkim and let WeCare Holidays take you along on a tour of a lifetime through the picturesque vistas of West Sikkim.


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