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Get enthralled and mesmerized at the scenic Phewa Lake


Nepal is one of the best places situated in the foothills of the Himalayas. With lush green valleys, scenic waterfalls, and wildlife species it is endowed with. Nepal is also endowed with one of the most beautiful and spectacular lakes- Phewa Lake. Phewa Lake is a rising tourist destination among youngsters. This lake is most famously called Fewa Lake. Nowadays more and more people are coming and visiting this beautiful place because of many different excursions that are available at ease here. The second-largest freshwater lake in Nepal is Phewa Lake. It is heaven's paradise. With mesmerizing views of the mountains, lush green forests, beautiful flowers, and rich animal diversity, and an island in the middle of the lakes, Phewa Tal is a must-visit for tourists looking forward to visiting Pokhara city.


The lake is stream-fed but a dam regulates the water reserves, therefore, the lake is classified as a semi-natural freshwater lake. Fewa Lake is a paradise of pristine and it is the main center of attraction in Pokhara city. It is the most popular tourist destination in Nepal. An individual must definitely give a visit to this place if planning to visit Nepal. A number of things can be done in this beautiful lake valley. It has a chilling climate, which means the weather is pleasant and the breeze is cold as it lies in the lap of the Himalayas. Beautiful mountains give a scenic view. As it is more of a traditional and historic place, this is having more fresh air in the environment, which leaves you mesmerizing. The lake is also famous for the reflection of Mount Machhapuchhre and other mountain peaks of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri ranges on its surface. The Tal Barahi Temple is situated on an island in the lake and it is located 4 km away from the city's center Chipledhunga.


Temple Visit - In the center of this miraculous lake, there is the temple of Tal Barahi. It is one of the highly sacred places of the community of Pokhara people. This is really a majestic place to see. This temple is known as a pagoda in Nepalese traditionally. This Nepali temple is dedicated to the Hindu goddess Durga. Tal Barahi temple observes a great rush during weekends, especially Saturdays. Tal Barahi mandir is a two-storey mandir. Initially, this place was used as a serene place for worship, and it is still used nowadays for worshipping. Since there is the growth of foreign visitors since the past few years in this temple, it has become one of the great tourist destinations in Phewa Lake. Rich Nepalese heritage and culture can be seen in this island temple in the lake. Usually, a boat ride needs to be taken in order to reach the scenic temple. A visitor can spend a full day at this place and enjoy the great winds and busy relaxing and feeding the animals in the periphery.


Feeding- As it’s a lake, there have to be fish indeed! But apart from fishes, there are a lot of beautiful pigeons dwelling in this scenic valley of few likes. In the Tal Barahi Mandir, there are lots and lots of pigeons. An individual can buy some food or cereals or seed from the local vendors outside the temple and can feed these pigeons up close. As these pigeons are used to humans, you can get an enthralling experience up close with these beautiful birds that were used to deliver messages in the ancient past. Not only you can feed pigeons but also fishes. Various seeds and foods can be obtained for a small amount of money, and then you can feed the fishes in the lake. This habit is gaining popularity at the Tal Barahi Mandir situated in the center of the lake. Feeding these animals not only gives you a sigh of relief but also to have peace with your environment.


Honeymoon Activities in Phewa Lake


The Eastern banks of Phewa Lake are also known as Baidam (Or Lakeside). Lakeside is on the eastern side of Phewa Lake. Phewa Lakeside is known for its luxurious hotels, economical lodges, bookshops, traditional shops, and various restaurants. This part of Phewa Lake is the origin of the tour of Pokhara. Various buses and tourist cars can be hired from here for a day-long visit to Pokhara. Fewa Lake has one of the grandeur hotels along its eastern side. These hotels are pre-booked by various tourists. Most of the people visiting this part are either families or newly married couples. Thus, Phewa Lake is also one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in Pokhara. The hotels here are quite cheap and economical, and the service provided by different hotel staff is also on par. You may feel quite rich and great after visiting this place as your currency might have a larger value than the Nepali currency. As the denomination is bigger, you can easily afford great services in the context of living as well as food. Many five-star hotels and four-star hotels are situated on the Lakeside of Phewa Lake.


Boating- Boating is an all-time favorite among the tourists visiting this mountain valley lake. The boat ride is available at an economical cost — ferries from the lake sideshow great views of the lush green mountains. A binocular will be a great accessory to be equipped with during the boat ride. Splendid flora and fauna can be observed from the place. Doonga is one of the specialized boats most commonly used in Phewa Lake for the purpose of ferries. Instead of a canoe, a person can also get a canoe on rent for individual exploration and excursions in the beautiful Phewa Lake. One should not miss the opportunity to ride in the doonga. Using the ferries and individuals can easily make it to the Durga Ji temple situated in the center of the lake. The boat rides are quite economical, and double boat rides are also available here. As the Phewa Tal is almost 80 feet in depth using a boat, you have to wear a life jacket. Swimming is not recommended as sports here. As the lakeside litter may deteriorate the aesthetic beauty and even the Tibetian people here and natives, don’t swim here.

Phewa Lake is one of the most famous tourist destinations for water sports. It is one of the major attractions for tourists. As more and more visitors are visiting these lakeside ferries and feeding the fauna around. A large number of fishes are here, so commercial fishing is also done on some parts of Phewa Lake. As this is a freshwater lake in the city of Pokhara and fishes are more. An individual can easily get the delicacy of freshwater fishes here. Local fishes are more renowned here for their taste. A nonvegan must have a quick bite of these saltwater fishes at the lakeside restaurants here. These fishes are prepared with various spices and condiments from numerous parts of the part, but the yummiest and best to try is the one that is traditionally and a native dish to these valley people.

Sunrise- The Dhaulagiri Mountain and Annapurna mountain valley is a great place to observe the majestic sunrise. The sunrise is splendid here. With a chilling morning in the mountain range and a bit of early morning fog, the glimpse of sunrise is spectacular to the eyes. After a few hours from the sunrise under proper light conditions when you can have a glimpse of the reflection of the highly dense and snow-fed mountain ranges in the lake. It looks absolutely stunning. It will leave you amazed, and it is a great thing to capture.

Thus, this place is also a heaven for a photographer due to the most vibrant natural views with exceptional sights and memories to record in the snaps forever. Easily you can observe the early morning sun making the peaks glow beautifully, which makes you feel soothing and a great sense of satisfaction. Sarankot excursion is most famous for its sunrise tour. If you are planning to visit Pokhara city and Phewa Lake, then the sarangkot tour must be on your to-do list. You cannot afford to miss the beauty of nature. The Mountain range, commonly known as the fishtail, can easily be viewed when observing enchanting ranges and magnificent views of the Himalayan mountains. These mountains appear like a diamond in the morning sun when the light is reflected back, and you will feel nature at its best. The forest around Phewa Lake is rich in diversity.  

Biodiversity also plays a major part in attracting tourists to Phewa Lake. Walks in nature and exploration of the fauna and flora of the Phewa forest should be done. Queen a forest will give you one of the freshest air that you have ever had. One of the best times to visit Phewa Lake is from May to September. Boat rowing is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Lake Phewa. Believe me, you will remain astonished to see the different things and places that you can visit in the immediate vicinity of Phewa Lake in Pokhara. A tourist should also visit Poon hill, which is almost around 10 minutes distance from Phewa Lake. Poon hill provides its visitors with splendid sunrise between the ranges of Dhaulagiri and Annapurna. Tourists can avail themselves the number of packs for them when visiting Phewa Lake to see Poon Hill. These visiting and tourist packages not only provide a glimpse of poon hill but also are packed with numerous other native destinations in the native destination.

Rejuvenation- Numbers of spas are available in the immediate vicinity of the lakeside. These spas have plenty of aromatic oils that will leave you relaxed. These aromatic oils are traditional to the Nepal culture, and most of them are made with the traditional herbs and shrubs available in the queen forest. Jiva Spa, Anandan spa, Chamling spa, middle path spa are a few among the many spas that exist. One should visit these spas for a rejuvenating therapy offered there. Believe me; you will get fresher and conscious after the spa treatment because it will give you a more fresh feeling and release good hormones from the body. The meditation center is the next on the to-do list. With plenty of meditation centers situated in the foothills of the mountain range in Phewa lakeside, you can get a mesmerizing feeling with a few of the asana. Meditation is not only rejuvenating but also refreshing for the body. Why not try this majestic practice in nature itself with a meditational expert, take in the fresh breath of air, and make yourself ready for the entire day's exploration and excursion in the Phewa lakeside. GN Reiki meditation center, Tribikram, Purna Yoga Retreat, etc. are famous meditation and yoga centers in the lap of the lakeside. Go and do some asana and yoga hacks and be ready for the next adventure in the Phewa lakeside.

Adventure Sports-  A number of private agents are available that are ready to host numerous adventure sports for the tourists at an economical cost. People can also visit the official site of Nepal to have a look at what more is offered by this country. Paragliding, water rafting, trekking, and mountain biking can be done near the villages. As Phewa Lake is surrounded by splendid and wonderful mountains, people here also can do adventurous sports. It is known for its early morning paragliding and boat rafting, apart from these two things people can also do trekking and mountain biking here. Paragliding is also listed as doing things on the official tourism website of the Nepal government. It brings numerous to this place to have once a lifetime experience. Paragliding tours start from the lakeside and end at Sarangkot. Paragliders can have a stunning look at the Phewa lake valley. 

Various mountain ranges like Machhapuchhre, Annapurna and Dhaulagiri, can be viewed from near close while paragliding. The tours happen in Pokhara, along with air guides, you can easily explore your adventure fantasies. The rides for paragliding tours are easily available at your leisure. Most of the hotels and lodges have arrangements made from which visitors do not need to make any cumbersome commute. The process is quite hassling free.


From Phewa, lakeside passes can be obtained for paragliding. Most of the paragliding packages allow you to the video shoot and photograph your adventure sports moments and make beautiful memories of your enthralling experience. One of the most enticing and anticipated things is paragliding at Phewa lake. Many agents and tours arrange such kinds of packages for individuals and groups looking to paraglide. Packages generally range above INR 8000. In the center of Nepal, on the way to the circuit of Annapurna, lies the famous Phewa Lake.  


Plenty of high mountains are present here as the Himalayan ranges are the highest in the world. So for such heights, there is always a great adventure sport that comes along with it. Bungee jumping is one such sport. Phewa Lake is almost above 1300meters from sea level. The tower of Bungee, one of its kind in Nepal, situated in Pokhara, is an excellent place for bungee jumping. Mountain museum is also present here. A tourist must be prepared for a high adrenaline rush through their nerves when visiting Phewa Lake. Bungee jumping will leave you speechless and high on energy. It is a lifetime experience with an expert guide there to take care of you. 


The free fall of bungee jumping lasts for about 3-4 seconds that will pass fresh air from your face and hair and give an unforgettable experience. The bungee jumping packages are cheaper than the paragliding packages. These packages also include transportation from major cities where you have taken a hotel to stay or dwell. Along with the transportations, most of the packages include refreshments too. So, what are you waiting for, pack your bags, and go for an unforgettable adrenaline rush in the foothills of the Himalayas with the most scenic and serene views at the mountain valleys surrounding Phewa lake?


Shopping- Next thing on the to-do list while traveling to Phewa must be shopping. What a great way to spend your money! Traditional clothes, silk clothes, and apparels are most famous in Nepal. They have one of the finest qualities of silk cloth. Various leather jackets, pashmina shawls, sweaters, saris, etc. you can easily get at affordable prices here. Wool products available at shops near the lakeside are a must-visit. They have really thick garments made up of wool, which definitely gives you warmth in extreme chills.

Well, there is more than meets the eye. Nepal is a beautiful place that has a lot to offer. Many places to visit and plenty of things to do at Phewa Lake. Phewa Lake is an incredible place to visit that will give you lasting memories, believe me. The Peace Pagoda Temple, boating, sunrise, animal feeding, trekking, flora, and fauna are a must-watch here at the Phewa lake. The local cuisines here are too yummy and delicious. A visit to a Phewa lake must include traditional cuisines on to-do lists because you won’t get the same flavor elsewhere, and this will leave your taste buds wanting more. 


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