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Experience Nagarkot At Least Once In Your Lifetime


Nepal is a beautiful destination to plan a tour with family. In Nepal, there are different places where the person can reach and enjoy the local life of the residents of Nepal. This blog is made for Nagarkot, a beautiful destination only 32 kilometers away from Kathmandu. The place offers a stunning view over the Himalayan Range and makes the visitor feel like he is in heaven at that particular moment. View from the Himalayan Range during the time of sunset and sunrise is beyond your expectations. It brings positivity and peace to the inner soul. Nagarkot is not made for a long day’s trip, and I agree with that, but still, this village has such attractive scenic views that make the person spend at least one day and one night over there. 

If you visit Nagarkot, make sure to wake up early in the morning because the views in the early morning are unforgettable and breathtaking. If you love mountains, hills, and natural beauty, Nagarkot is the best place to visit. From Nagarkot, you can see Mount Everest and other peaks of the Himalayan Range. At the time of winter, the view of mountains is so mesmerizing that it is fully covered with snow. If you ever plan to visit Kathmandu, consider Nagarkot as a must-visit place because it is really a highly recommended place in Nepal. It is obvious that we are talking so good about Nagarkot, you might want to know about this place. Don’t worry because we are here to discuss what a person can do, what sightseeing there are and other aspects regarding Nagarkot so that whenever you plan for this place, you are already aware of the place and information.

Nagarkot commands one of the broadest views of the Himalayas in the Kathmandu valley (8 Himalayan ranges of Nepal out of 13 from here). The ranges include Annapurna range, Manaslu range, Ganesh Himal range, Langtang range, Jugal range, Rolwaling range, Mahalangur range (Everest range), and Number range with views of the Kathmandu valley and Shivapuri National Park. For those active nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts, there are many hiking opportunities in and around Nagarkot. Among them, the Nagarkot eco-trail (nature walk) along with Nagarkot panoramic hiking trail is the most popular one. You can also do Paragliding with the Everest view in Nagarkot.

Why visit Nagarkot? 

Nagarkot is a soothing tourist destination where visitors come from all over the world. It is located above 2100 meters sea level. Reaching this destination does not take much longer. You can reach here within 1 hour from Kathmandu. The place is so clean and pollution-free. This place is free from smoke and the city's hassle. That is why; the place is considered the best one to visit to get stress-free and relaxed. The reason to visit the place is its natural beauty. This whole destination is covered by long pine trees with a panoramic view of the sky. Not only the reason is its beauty in nature, but the place also has some attractive places to visit also.

Things to do in Nagarkot:

Nagarkot is the best place to enjoy scenic beauty, but it does not end here. In the details mentioned below, we will break down the things which the visitor can do in Nagarkot. So those things one can do in Nagarkot are:

  • Hiking 

If you love hiking then Nagarkot is the best place for you. Nagarkot is quite an authentic place for hiking. From Bhaktapur, you can take two different routes of hiking to Nagarkot. The first route can be taken from Changunayran Temple and the second one from the small town of Sankhu which also has few trails of hiking with a fantastic view of the Himalayan Range. This hiking will take up to 5 hours max so it depends upon the path which one you will choose. Hiking does not end here. From the hotel in Nagarkot, you can hike via the main road. The high tower view of the Himalayan Range looks so fascinating and makes an individual feel so pleasant. Via the main road, there are different things a visitor can visit, which are Ganesh Himal, Langtang Lirung, Shisha Pangma, Dorje Lakpa, and Gauri Shankar. The sightseeing is seriously ultimate from the tower. Even you can see in the clear sky with the eye-grabbing view of Mount Everest. The natural trails in Nagarkot are best for hiking due to the scenic beauty of mountains and forests.    

  • Biking 

Have you thought about the mountain bike ride? During the cold seasons, the mountain bike ride is the best and exciting activity one can do. Don’t worry about where you will get the bikes. From the travel agents, you can ask them to take a bike for rent. With your partner, you can go for a ride and can spend quality time with them. No doubt, this is a simple activity but trust me these small things affect me a lot. Even this will be a lifetime memory for you. There is a great route which is known as Loop. Loop is the best route for bikers. For those who love bikes or who are bikers, this is a perfect activity for them. When you will ride your bike on the route surrounded by huge pine trees with a clear mesmerizing view of the sky, it will make the rider feel so relaxed. It is the best stress-free activity even. If you will go to Nagarkot, make sure to perform this activity.

  • Watch the sunrise and sunset 

What we people want on holiday, relax, fun activities and the soothing ones also. Do you know how much peace and tranquility you will feel when you will see the sunrise and sunset? Nagarkot is even famous for this activity. I agree that watching sunrise and sunset is so important at Nagarkot when you can watch it at your own place. But in reality, actually, this is a very different reason being the sightseeing around. Nagarkot is surrounded by Himalayan Ranges and Mount Everest view. In the early morning, when the sun rises, it looks attractive. It does not only grab the attention of eyes, even when you will see the early morning sunrise, you will also get into the view entirely. The time of sunrise is the best time to take a new view of the Himalayan Range. Even you can enjoy this view with a cup of coffee or a cup of tea as you want to have.

Sunset is also not less than anything. Sunset view of the Himalayan Ranges feels like something is touching the inner soul of yours. The view represents that something very shiny is about to come in the early morning, a new and fresh start. The view of the sunset is amazing to watch as you won’t forget the scenic view ever in your life and I am sure about that.  

  • Perfect for relaxation  

No doubt that we can do different activities at the place but what about why we came here. It is the primary thing we can do in Nagarkot, which is relaxing. For those who are done from the city chaos and their hectic schedule and seeking relaxation, this is a perfect place to come. Nature is something that offers peace to the visitors, which makes this place a must-visit place. The breathtaking views around the excellent walking paths are best for revealing from the stress of working.  

  • Paragliding 

Can you imagine how good you will feel during paragliding? Flying over the hills, forests, and valleys makes the visitor feel like he is a bird. In Nagarkot, paragliding is the best way to do an adventurous activity to attain a new experience in life. Paragliding is the most amazing activity one can do there because it is something different and unique from other activities. 

  • Revitalizing Yoga  

Yoga is an exciting activity that offers peace and tranquility to the soul of the person. Nagarkot is the best place to come to re-energize your body. Yoga is the stress booster activity and doing it in the laps of beautiful sightseeing is best to bring positivity to mind.

Best places to visit in Nagarkot:

No doubt Nagarkot offers an individual to perform different activities but it also offers few places to visit as well. Those best places to visit in Nagarkot are:

Hiking Trails

Yes, we have discussed doing the adventure activity hiking, but have you imagined that during the adventure activity, how much you will enjoy the sightseeing of the trails. Trails are not only made for adventurous activity but they are made for a good place to visit also because of their scenic view. Every time, you cannot claim any historic place or any other structure as the place to visit. Natural Beauty is also something beautiful to watch. Nature in itself is the best thing to see. Hiking trails are surrounded by huge pine trees, beautiful white clouds cover the sky, and the fresh air makes it feel like heaven at the place.

Nagarkot Nature Trails

Nature Trails is a must-visit place in Nagarkot. From the nature trails, you can see the hills and can see the dense forest as well. It is the perfect place for those who love nature. You will feel like you are in the laps of nature. The view from this trail is so mesmerizing. If you will reach here, the view is something beyond your expectations.  

Nagarkot View Point Tower 

Nagarkot Viewpoint Tower is also a very beautiful sightseeing place. After reaching the tower, you will feel like you are in the sky. From the viewpoint tower, the scenic view of the city is seriously very much mesmerizing.

Nagarkot Buddha Peace Park 

This place really denotes its name peace park. It is situated at a height and well known for its tranquility and charming nature. This place is best for resting and getting relaxed. It is a beautiful place well known for its land, beauty, and scenic view. The view from this place is so mesmerizing makes the moment's lifetime memorable. This peace park is not only made for families with kids; couples can also come here to spend quality time with each other.

The nightlife of Nagarkot:

There are many people who want nightlife in their tourism, but let me tell you that Nagartkot is not meant for that. There is the nightlife in Nagarkot, it is a small village in Nepal. Even there are many shops which get closed after sunset. 

Is Nagarkot the best to shop? 

Again, Nagarkot is not a huge tourist place. It is a small village well known for its natural sightseeing. There are not many shops that exist to shop. If you want to buy something, then choose Kathmandu for that; there is nothing special here.

Exchange of currency:

Nepal has a different currency, so if you will come here, then you have to change your INR into Nepal’s currency. To exchange it, the best option for that is to get from the International Airport.


What budget needed to be required? 

Well, the budget is based on your own requirements. If you are fine with normal hotels, then it will not cost you much. The budget for the trip will be affordable, but in the case of luxurious hotels and living style, it might be expensive for you. You can take local transportation from Kathmandu, which will cost less as compared to hiring a private taxi. That’s why; it all depends upon you and your requirements.

Food in Nagarkot:

Most of the time, people do face the food problem in Nepal but don’t worry about that because you can find Indian food also over there. Still, when we visit any place, we want to have the best of that. So, if you will ever be to Nagarkot, try to have food items at Café du Mont. It is the best and most recommended café to come as it offers a stunning view of the Himalayan Range while having your food.

Best time to visit Nagarkot:

This is the most demanding question people used to ask when they go to plan for any place. For Nagarkot, there is a specific season required to visit. This place is perfect for visiting throughout the year as in every season; it has new vibes and things to experience. But still, if you want us to recommend the best one, we would like to suggest you for the spring season which is March and April and the winters are also pleasant to visit which are October, November. The reason behind these two seasons is that, in the spring season, the climate is pleasant. Hills are covered with colorful flora and fauna which look very much pretty. If you want to do an adventurous activity, Paragliding then the spring season is the perfect time to come. May to September is the summertime which makes the visitors feel so much exhausted to do all the activities and to visit the places in Nagarkot. If in case, rainfall occurs when you visit Nagarkot, then it will spoil your entire trip. October and November are quite a cool environment which is good to travel in Nagarkot. But from November to February, the temperature lowers down rapidly, which makes travel hard for the tourists over there.

How to reach? 

Now it comes to how to reach Nagarkot. There are many folks who think that Nepal requires Visa to reach, but no, it is not like that. No visa required to plan for the Nepal trip. If you are from India and planning to go to Nagarkot, the best way is to take a flight from India to Kathmandu. Kathmandu is the place where the International Airport is situated, and Nagarkot is only about 40 km from there. You can hire a taxi from the airport to Nagarkot, or there is Public transportation also from Kathmandu if you want to not spend much by hiring a taxi. It takes around an hour to reach here.

Taxi is needed in Nagarkot to visit the places?

Nagarkot is a small village, so there is no need to hire a taxi in Nagarkot. Everything is within walking distance so you can walk to the destinations. And still, if you find difficulty, you will find any sort of way there to reach different destinations otherwise hiking trails are there.

Where to stay?

It is an important thing which should come into consideration at first. When you reach Nagarkot, the first thing you will do is to look for hotels to stay over there obviously. There are few guest houses and hotels located over there which are suitable to stay over there.

What places are situated near Nagarkot to Visit? 

Planning a trip for only Nagarkot is not the right decision to make. You are planning to go to Nepal from India, so you must look for other places as well near Nagarkot to plan a proper trip. Plan for Kathmandu and other places to visit in Nepal along with Nagarkot as you are spending so much on your trip so make it worth right. 


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