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experience a trip to ravangla like never before


Earth is already a very beautiful place to be a part of. The only planet that supports the life forms trusts its own living organisms; and has provided them with every necessity so far. Besides providing for the necessities, Mother Earth bestows other pleasures as well on its subjects, the beauty of itself being one of those. Humans have spent their lifetimes taking a look at the scene, which is quite near to his place of residence. Blessed are those who have got the chance to take a look at the exquisite beauty of the planet.

There seem to be a few places in concentrated pockets of the world, where a glance at the incredibility of the planet could be taken. Each of the seven continents has got something to show to the world as a part of its own exquisite beauty, as it was selected during times immemorial to become a wonder in the years to come. The all magnificent Seven Wonders of the World are lures to attract people from across the world to witness the sheer magnificence of nature. Therefore, it is a heaven in disguise for humans, if they take out a certain pouch of time for themselves and go on exploring the same.


The Indian Subcontinent

Zeroing into the Asian continent, it happens to be a widely diversified continent in terms of wildlife and plantations. One wonder of the world features in here as well. Beyond this, the nation of India serves as a single major tourist spot for people from across the globe. All types of geographical locations with mountain ranges, terrains, plains, and plateaus do exist in addition to the mighty river of Ganges and Brahmaputra along with their tributaries. Ancient temples, monuments, and cultural legacy is a scent that is produced to perfection by people of the time prevailing then, who themselves found the nation attractive enough to be reached and embraced.

All this leads to the creation of another piece of different continent inside the Asian continent, to be called upon as the Indian Subcontinent. The Indian Subcontinent has been another kind of continent that offers the beauty of nature before the world to the next level. Coming to the fact that Sikkim lately became a part of India, boosts its claim to become the Subcontinent filled with every kind of beauty factor.

Sikkim used to be another nation before the late 1970s when it was merged into the Indian nation as one of its states. Sikkim alone happens to be a center of attraction for many tourists as it is embraced by the highest ranges of mountains in the world, The Himalayas. The Himalayan range of mountains along with its peaks and hills produce a charm over the visitors and viewers as they happen to lay eyes over them. Therefore, it is another jewel on the crown of India, where nature extends itself to some other extent which is of higher precedence, of course.

Ravangla: a town of Sikkim 

At the elevation of 8000 feet, the town itself is an attractive place for those who feel extra cozy and comfortable during the winter seasons. To whom the winter vibes bring tastes in their lives, Ravangla is a perfect place to be. Mountains are the most important feature of the place, to be precise, and it is the Himalayan range that establishes itself as the sole lure to attract people. Many famous peaks of the world including Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, and Mt. Kabru could be seen from the town of Ravangla. Mountains are always extending and providing the chills to the land inhabitants who find it as their own habitat where winter chills are always felt.

Being a tourist spot, several hotels, motels, inns, and restrooms are readily available every kilometer down the roads of the town, making it easier for the touring parties to come and live a few moments in the lap of Mother Earth. There are several other factors as well that contribute to making the place a successful tourist destination, the behavior of the locale as well. However, if one is planning to visit the town of Ravangla, he or she might rest assured that great things are about to come.

The town and its surrounding area offer an undisturbed view of the snow ranges of the Greater Himalayas. Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Pandim, Mt. Sinialchu, Mt. Kabru are just a few of the major peaks that are clearly visible from here. Upper ridges of the area experience snowfall during winter. Thousands of known and unknown flowers are in full bloom during April-May and Ravangla gets a romantic look with the colors and fragrance of the flowers.

To plan down the activities, it is the best way to go and explore the town with all of its attractions, spots, and magnificent locations.

Best time to visit Ravangla: The temperature in South Sikkim is very cool and pleasant throughout the year because it is located at a high altitude and has a lot of vegetation around it. The most preferred season is summer or just before winter when the monsoon has turned everything green.

Distance from Gangtok:  56 km (2hrs approx.)


Plans to be made while visiting Ravangla

As described above, the town is a place to be for those who find deep pleasure in being warm and close to nature. However, a perfect experience could be cherished for years, when a proper plan is made and carefully executed so that mesmerizing moments can be captured. A perfect plan would be the one that encompasses all those attractions and cover every bit of nature’s beauty, to be precise.

  • Reaching the place could be from several routes, with the capital city of Gangtok a few miles away from the town can be the best one.
  • En route, the mountains can be seen calling from a very far distant place, and thus, the desire to embrace nature could be felt burning deep inside the heart.


A trip so well planned


  • Day 1: Food, drinks, and culinary experience


On the very first day, a person can try to pack up his items and reach a hotel, which is numerous to be sure in the town has always been ready to serve tourists from different corners of the world, and therefore, welcoming them also gives satisfaction to the Sikkimese.


Settling down into the suite might be relaxing after a long journey to the town, and a cup of tea straight from the foothills of the Himalayas or Assam mountains might be quite refreshing to start the excursion again. A steamed dish of momos with spicy chutneys, reflecting thukpa or even boiled chicken might be the favor towards the best bon appetit notions. Soups are ever-energetic, allowing a thrush of energy to pass through the body of the consumer. Therefore, with local sweets, hunger could be satiated. 


Getting used to the place of high altitude with food, drinks and other consumables shall be the goal for the first day of the trip.


  • Day 2: Mountain Life


A trip to the mountains is inevitable, and this is the day when it is realized with love. It is reasonable enough to reach different high-altitude places in the town to have a clear view of the mountain peaks just before the eyes. The peak of Mt. Kanchenjunga could be a view human eyes shall not be able to behold. The beauty of the peak, with snowy white texture covered with mosses and ferns in certain pieces, along with the brownish spread of rocks drives the viewer mad. 


Mt. Pandim and Mt. Kabru are other peaks and ranges which are dear to the heart of the viewer, once these are viewed. To lay eyes upon some pieces of nature’s beauty, that have been at a certain place for centuries, is a blessing in disguise for all those who manage to do so. This way, the day 2nd could prove out to be highly beautiful, magnificent, and enthusiastic for the touring party, which when returning, can feel themselves to be high on life with sceneries so incredible. 


  • Day 3: Walkthrough Gardens of Life


As it happens to be, the oldest forms of nature belongings, the mountains, do support a variety of life in their surroundings. As far as wildlife is concerned, hill animals and mountainous wild could be detected as well to fascinate the visitors. It is a bird watcher’s paradise with Himalayan birds like grey bush chats, blue-whistling thrush, and white-browed fantails finding their habitat into the mountains. 


When it comes down to flora, besides medicinal plants, herbs, and other shrubs, several mind-blowing flower-covered fields could be detected from the hilltops. Commonly found flowers include orchids and rhododendrons, as the mountains place a perfect timing and environment for these flowers to grow and spread the beauty all across the fields. Therefore, a walk through these fields and mountain jungles of late could be a perfect piece to enrich the experience with another touch of nature.


  • Day 4: Walk through the city


It takes nothing for a cultural connoisseur to examine the city of Ravangla and extend his collection with the special items and commodities put on sale in the town markets.


People belonging to different cultures, be these northerners, Tibetians, Nepalese, Sikkimese, or even touring parties from different corners of the world could be providing a nice chance to allow interaction factor to get involved. It becomes the pleasure of a multilingual and multicultural society to serve and attend to visitors who have been grateful enough to behold the beauty of the place. 


Food and culinary arts are altogether another niches, that serves different cuisines to the visitors, as per their demands and tastes. Preferences are valued, and a wide menu of a-la-carte is extended to the customers as they tend to enter any restaurant in their near vicinity.


Ethnicity opens up beforehand and offers an insight into the town’s legacy. Handicrafts and several other hand-made articles represent who they are as the markets of the town are full of these. 


Therefore, the legacy of the town could be spotted from far, which is attractive enough to force and urge visitors to care about it, with the sense of hospitality shown on behalf of the locale. A walk through the city might also include shopping, stopping at inns, trying local foods, clicking pics, and having photoshoots to give these trip days a special status in memory land.


  • Day 5: A place of relaxation


Relaxation and self-realization are facilitated with the help of some enlightened person, who already has understood the meaning of human lives and is trying to spread vision and spirituality among all other people who come to visit him. The charms and spiritual belongingness arising from the beliefs and trust imposed in the enlightened Lord Buddha allows some of the same to be lent to the commoners of the land.


The Buddhist monastery of Ralang is a short distant reach from the main town of Ravangla. Several Buddhist priests and pupils have found solace in these monasteries listening and reading about the preaching of the peace-loving Lord. It is especially advisable for the touring parties to enter these monasteries and feel the vibes of self-realization, self-belongingness, and self-worthiness. The monasteries feature prayer rooms that also contain the holy books, preaching inscriptions, and the gallery of art with the Lord being represented as the Supreme Leader of Mankind. This proves out to be a place of relaxation allowing stress to ooze out of mind and mental peace to reside inside. 


Ravangla: A walk through the town

As aforementioned, there are different spots of attraction that have got all the eyeballs gazed upon themselves. However, some places and attraction spots are mentioned below to offer a variety of options to choose from while planning the due course of the day:

  1. Tumlong Monastery and Bonn Monastery


Monasteries are a place of happiness, peace, and self-realization where every visitor must choose to visit so that some different kind of experience is gained with respect to all the beauty of nature.


  1. Maenam Hills


Hills are the center of attraction are not at all in fewer numbers. Every now and then, from any corner of the town, hills and mountain peaks could be seen distributing joy and celebration among people who have come to this high-altitude place to capture the thrush of adventure. 


  1. Ralong Hot Springs


Hot Springs of natural water have always been a special interest of people, as the all-natural composition of the water makes it beneficial for people to come down and relieve their bodies from the pain they are experiencing. The hot springs are nature’s remedies, and Ravangla features one of such kinds.


  1. Buddha Park


The Almighty God bestows upon its subjects all kinds of the blessing he could, so that life could be made a little bit easier for everyone. This is the mystic charm of the Lord that every person in the land would love to visit and relive the past in which Lord Buddha remained as a prominent figure. The 41-meter-tall Buddha statue happens to be the tallest statue in the land of Sikkim.


  1. Samdruptse Hill


A hill spot with exquisite architecture in monastery style offers a combination of what a person longs for. Besides providing a high spot to view hills and capture the moments digitally in a camera always fascinates everyone.


  1. Rayong Sunrise Viewpoint 


Sunrise happens to be the first and foremost form of nature’s beauty at the starting of the day. As it happens to be, sunrise from in between the hills is next level attraction for those who have got the chance to view the same. Various shades of red emerging from in between the hills, early in the morning cast a spell over the viewers, as they are being embraced with nature’s love for sure. Therefore, a sunrise viewpoint is a must to have a tourist spot in a town like Ravangla, which is surrounded by hills, mountains, and peaks.


A trip which is worth making

Therefore, starting from landing into the town, it is a perfect trip for those who perform the same. Ravangla is a place that attracts a majority of its tourists with its name itself, for it is well renowned that the town is surrounded by hills and mountains. Being located in the Himalayan range of mountains, there is a clear chance for every touring party to get a little bit closer to what is on offer by nature. The display of beauty at its best and the tenderness of nature could be represented in contrast with the hard rocks of mountains and highly soft petals of rhododendron. The beauty of sunrise leaves the viewers spellbound every morning, and hence, is a special moment for everyone. These kinds of surprises are what tourists want from their trips and tours to such places. Therefore, it is a perfect combination of nature’s beauty and the serving desire to engulf all that has been on offer for so long.

As far as love for God is concerned, different monasteries located near distances have provided access into some different aura where people might find solace. The religious aspect is so passionately served that people might find it difficult to feel detached from God, as every now and then the fresh feel of silence and love could be felt. Moreover, the grateful community of the town makes it comfortable and easier for everyone to adapt to what is being offered by the trip. Therefore, it is a trip that has been planned so well and executed with perfect confidence and loads of memories to be kept for time to come.


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