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Chitwan National Park unesco world heritage site


So far, we have seen the beauty of Nepal through Everest Base Camp, Boudhanath Temple, and Mahendra Guha. But there are still so many sightseeing spots in Nepal in which exploring them makes your stay in Nepal complete. One of them is Chitwan National Park, which covers an area of 932 sq. km and was granted as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1984. Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal and it was established in 1973. Chitwan National park’s main attractions are some of the endangered species like Bengal Tiger, Rhinos, and Sloth Bears. In addition, Chitwan National Park is the home of some of the introverted reptiles and native bird species. So today, we will explore the overview of Chitwan National Park.

Distance from Kathmandu: 175.8km (5hrs approx)


History of the Chitwan National Park

In the 19th Century, the cultivation of this area was prohibited by the then government of Nepal to distance the disease-ridden forest in the south to protect the people from spreading the diseases from the forest.

The national park got its awareness in 1973, but before that, the park was reserved for hunting the animals for the Nepali kings and their foreign visitors. Even after becoming a protected hunting area of the region, there were many instances of poaching and illegal hunting of wild animals. However, in the 1960s, there was a decline in the numbers of both Bengal tigers and Rhinos, thereby giving a wake-up call for the king of Nepal to convert the region into a national park, with the motive of conserving the wildlife species.

From the year 2000, there was an increase in the number of Tigers and Rhinos due to the strict conservation policy, and also became home to other new animals and birds. On this day, the government is still looking for ways to ban poachers and prevent habitat loss.


Best time to visit Chitwan National Park

October to March is the best time to visit Chitwan National Park as the weather looks stable and pleasant, making it easier to spot the wild animals of Tigers and Elephants. It is recommended not to visit this park in both summer and Monsoon season, as during Monsoon season, the park will be prone to floods, where the resorts and hotels are closed. The temperature of summer months can reach at least 40 degrees, which will make you feel tired, and planning to visit the national park goes in vain.


How to reach Chitwan National Park

If you are coming from Kathmandu, head to Thamel end of Kantipath to catch a bus going to the park. The fares cost around 500-600 INR per person.

A faster way to reach Chitwan National Park is to take a flight to Bharatpur from Kathmandu airport. Even though the fare is expensive, it just takes 25 min to reach Bharatpur; once you reach Bharatpur, you can hire a taxi or bus to reach Chitwan National Park.

There is yet another way to reach Chitwan National Park through U.P, India, but the journey becomes too lengthy & dull and will make you lose interest in visiting the park. So the recommendation is to travel directly from Nepal as it will be much easier.


ATMs in Chitwan National Park

There are lots of ATMs available near Chitwan National park, but some ATMs may or may not accept forex cards, so it is recommended to carry cash while traveling to Chitwan National Park. You can check the list of ATMs here: http://www.chitwantourism.com/atm-locations/ if you would like to withdraw Cash with a Forex card.


Mobile Connectivity

Since you would be traveling inside the jungle, there will be a possibility of low mobile connectivity. So, it is better to check with your hotel or tourist information center about the sim card that has the best network and connectivity according to that region.


Facts about Chitwan National Park

  1. The word “Chitwan” means “Heart of the Jungle” when translated in Nepali.
  2. Out of the threatened bird species, the 2/3rd of them can be found in the Chitwan region
  3. The Chitwan National Park is now an emerging tourist destination in Nepal, which attracts 1 lakh+ visitors from both domestic and abroad
  4. Close to 50 mammals and 450 bird species are located in this national park
  5. Previously, the Chitwan National Park was named Royal Chitwan National Park
  6. It is said that the Chitwan National Park is one of the best places to view Wildlife.
  7. The national park experiences a tropical monsoon climate, so, therefore, it is not recommended to visit the park during the monsoon season.
  8. Other than visiting the national park, you get to see the Elephant breeding center, Wildlife Display information center, Tharu cultural Museum, and Bird education society.
  9. About 20% of the area of the national park is covered with Grasslands and savannah region, making them a home of tallest grass species like Elephant grass, giant cane, ghagra reed, and kans grass.
  10. Located east of Chitwan Park is Parsa Wildlife reserve and into the south, there exists Bengal Tiger Reserve Valmiki National Park.
  11. Located in Southern Central Terai in Nepal, the Chitwan national park is Nepal’s 1st National Park.
  12. The Chitwan national park is guarded by the army of Nepal.


What to pack during a visit to the Chitwan national park

Wear warm clothes in a hot and humid climate and cover your body with full sleeve clothes and pants to avoid mosquito bites, don’t forget to bring a travel adapter with you.


Different Areas of Chitwan National Park

  1. Amaltari (western sector)

One of the preferred entrances by the tourists, the region is filled with three rivers: Rapti, Narayani, and Reu. In addition, this is the main spot to view animals and take a safari ride to explore the animals that live deep in the forests.


  1. Kasara (Mid Sector)

This sector is the headquarters of the Chitwan National Park. Usually, the sector is covered by foot, and you get to see Gharial breeding centers, where crocodiles and turtles are bred here.


  1. Madi Bagal (Southern sector) 

This is a protected area of the park, and tourists are not allowed to visit here.


  1. Sauraha (Eastern sector) 

Since this is an eco-tourism region, you will have the opportunity to explore resorts and birdwatching sites. Being another important entrance to the park, Sauraha is the home of the wildlife conservation program, souvenir and gift shops, etc.

Chitwan National Park Safari Tours

Wildlife Safari timings: 6 am to 6 pm (timings might change depending upon the season)

  1. Jeep Safari

The jeep safari has two types: Short Safari and full day Safari. The short safari lasts for 4 hours, and the full-day safari takes a full-day excursion to explore the national park. It is recommended to use a full-day safari to spot many wild animals on the way and to explore the entire place.


  1. Elephant Safari 

In this safari, you get to view the mighty elephants and Rhinos, and it is safe for the tourists to go closer to these animals as they bring no harm to us unless threatened. Not only that, you get to sit on the top of Elephant and can see the bird’s eye view of the national park.


  1. Canoe Ride

Available on the Rapti River inside the park, taking a canoe ride is a great opportunity to spot animals and birds quenching their thirsts. It is recommended to take a guided tour to get your money’s worth.


  1. Jungle walk

This is for trekking enthusiasts, you can trek inside the park to see small and cute birds and animals on the way. A guide will be accompanied by you for the safety and welfare of the tourists.


  1. Bird Watching 

This tour covers jungles, rivers, and grasslands to spot many bird species and take a photo with them. A professional guide will accompany you on this birdwatching tour.


  1. Elephant Breeding Center 

Another Interesting place for the wildlife enthusiasts to see the life of the elephants in the breeding center, you can feed the elephants and their calves, bathe them, or take a ride on them.


Places to stay near Chitwan National Park

  1. Barahi Jungle lodge

Rated as a Certificate of excellence in TripAdvisor and won the award for being Nepal’s best boutique hotels according to CNN, the Barahi Jungle Lodge is built in traditional Nepali style and is equipped with modern amenities that cater the millennial tourists. Situated on the banks of the river Rapti, the resort is built using local bamboo, sustainable wood, and modern interiors. One of the highlighting features of this resort is that they did not get a single negative review on TripAdvisor.

Address: Magauli Meghauli, Chitwan National Park 9771 Nepal


  1. Green Park Chitwan

Yet another hotel winning the certificate of excellence in TripAdvisor, the green park Chitwan is situated a few distances away from the Chitwan national park. The resort is equipped with modern amenities like a swimming pool, non-smoking rooms, Free Wi-Fi, and free breakfast. Moreover, the resort organizes adventure activities like Elephant bathing, bird watching, and canoe riding.

The resort also organizes packages to make the most out of the national park. Moreover, it is easy and affordable to book packages and save money instead of booking through an agent.


Address: Tiger point, Chitwan National Park 44200 Nepal


  1. Sarang Wildlife Sanctuary

Rated full 5/5, the Sarang wildlife sanctuary is built with traditional Tharu tribe and culture. The resort boasts of being working towards sustainable tourism and creates awareness for its guests about responsible tourism. The resort gives a small percentage of its earnings to save the Tharu tribe from extinction. The resort is equipped with modern amenities like Free Breakfast, Complimentary Tea or Coffee, Free Wi-Fi, a swimming pool, and AC.

Moreover, the resort organizes various adventure activities like Jeep Safari, Bird Watching, Canoe ride, Elephant bathing, etc.

Address: 27, Meghauli, Chitwan 44210 


  1. Tiger Tops Tharu Lodge

Rated 5/5 and “Certificate of Excellence” on TripAdvisor. The resort is situated near the river Narayani in a calm and green environment. The resort is built in a Local tribe Tharu architecture and uses local materials to bring awareness about the tribe. The rooms are equipped with Free Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, and non-smoking rooms. The guests here loved the resort for its peaceful location, courteous staff, and adventure activities. 

Address: Amaltari, Chitwan National Park 44600 Nepal


  1. Kasara Resort

Yet another resort winning a 5-star rating and “certificate of excellence” in TripAdvisor, the Kasara resort is situated in and around Chitwan National Park. The resort is equipped with modern amenities like Bar, Free Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, and a Swimming pool. The Kasara resort also offers adventure activities and sightseeing spots to explore the wildlife. The guests here loved staying in this resort for its great location, courteous staff, and great food.

Address: Patihani Road, Chitwan National Park Nepal


  1. Megauli Serai, A Taj Safari

This is the third resort in the list that has 5-star ratings and a “Certificate of excellence.” The resort is equipped with modern amenities like Pool, Gym, Bar, Free Breakfast, and Free Wi-Fi. The guest loved this hotel for its courteous staff and spacious room.

Address: Ward no 1 Narayani Nagar Palika, Chitwan National Park 44210 Nepal


  1. Landmark Forest Park

Rated “Certificate of Excellence” on TripAdvisor, Landmark Forest Park is situated in the middle of the jungle of Chitwan national park, where it becomes easy to spot wild animals. The resort boasts of undertaking responsible tourism and creating awareness for the guests about sustainable tourism. The guests here loved the stay for its spacious rooms, courteous staff, and great food.

Address: Ratnanagar - 7, Paryatan Marg, Baghmara, Chitwan National Park 44200 Nepal


  1. Chitwan Tiger Camp

One of the resorts in this list that is affordable, the resort is equipped with a Bar, Restaurant, Free Breakfast, and Rooftop terrace. One of the things about this resort is that it is maintained decently and got 4.5 stars on TripAdvisor. The Bharatpur airport, which tourists use to reach Chitwan national park, is 13km away from the center. The guest loved this resort for its great food, courteous staff, and amazing location to spot wild animals.

Address: Sauraha Sauraha 2, Chitwan National Park 44200 Nepal


  1. Safari Narayani Hotel

Earned 4.5 /5 stars with fewer reviews, the resort is equipped with Free Breakfast, Free Wi-Fi, Laundry service, and non-smoking rooms. The Elephant breeding center is a nearby attraction of the Safari Narayani Hotel. The guests loved the resort for its great food, great location, and courteous staff. Situated at the edge of the Rapti River, the resort offers a 20% discount for online bookings. The Safari Narayani Hotel is one of the ideal spots to view wild animals right from the room window.

Address: Ghatgai, Paithani, Bharatpur 28, Chitwan National Park Nepal


  1. Machan Country Villa

As recommended by the resort, staying for 2 nights and 3 days will help you get the most out of the Chitwan National park. Dr. Charles Rumble, who is an anthropologist and has wide experience like Nepal, has started this resort. The Resort, Machan Country Villa, offers adventurous packages to its guests like Elephant riding, nature walks, and birdwatching. The guest loved the resort for its excellent food, organizing amazing adventure activities, and courteous staff.

Address: Gochada Nawalparasi, Chitwan National Park Nepal


Places to visit near Chitwan National Park

  1. Tharu Cultural Museum

Opened as a separate Museum built for the Tharu tribe, one of the largest tribes in Nepal. Visiting the Tharu culture museum gives you a piece of knowledge about the history, weapons, and foods that the local tribe survived for. Living in a lowland area of Nepal for centuries, the Tharu region is filled with the thick jungle that prevents the tourists and locals from entering the region, despite living their difficult lives.

In this museum, you can find Paintings of the life of a Tharu tribe, sculptures of the Tharu tribe, and cookware used while preparing food.


  1. Valmiki National Park

Situated in the Indo-Nepal border, the Valmiki National park was established to protect Bengal tiger Rhinos from becoming extinct. Not only that, but you can also see mammals like spotted deer, wild boar, wild dog, and Indian leopard — the Valmiki National park houses at least 250 species of birds and diverse species of butterflies. Established in the 1950s, the national park, along with Chitwan National Park, became not only the center of conservation but also increased the production of timber.

Named after Valmiki Nagar, which is situated inside the forest, the Valmiki national park was declared as a wildlife sanctuary in 1978.


3.  Chitwan Chepang Hills

If you are a passionate trekker, then this trial will excite you. With the trail starting through the Chepang village, the funds collected from the trek are used to develop the local and rural communities. On the cheaper trail, you get to see the Chepang tribe, which is one of Nepal's indigenous tribes after the Tharu tribes. Taking this trek will give the tribes a livelihood and awareness about their clan. The trek helps you view the peaks of the Himalayas and the ideal trail for birdwatching.



Visiting Chitwan national park is one of the ideal places to view the wildlife of Nepal, don’t feed animals, or make them feel uncomfortable. Staying in a jungle resort is a paradise on earth. Do visit the Chitwan National Park in the above-mentioned seasons so that you don’t miss the opportunity to spot animals.


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