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Best Places to Visit when you are at Kathmandu Durbar Square



Kathmandu Durbar Square is a place that has witnessed a lot of kings ruling over Nepal for a long time. And when the new king was ready to take his crown, it was celebrated with the sound of drums and trumpets of joy. There are three durbar squares along with the regal Kathmandu Durbar Square. On 25th April 2015, due to an earthquake, several buildings around Durbar Square collapsed but the Kathmandu Durbar Square remained standing despite all the destruction. This shows the craftsmanship and skills of the people who built Kathmandu Durbar Square over centuries ago.

There are three squares in total, Basantapur square, which is a former elephant stable. On the west, there is the main Durbar square, and at another part of Durbar Square is a way for the entrance to Hanuman Dhoka, and all these three Durbar makes up the Kathmandu Durbar Square. It is one of the best places that you can visit in Kathmandu and especially thousands of tourists travel to Kathmandu to visit this special place every year. 

Best time to visit: Late September to December remains the best time to visit Kathmandu because of the views of pristine glaciers and local festivals. During these months, the place remains dry and suitable for exploration and trekking.

Nearby Airports: Tribhuvan International Airport 

Distance from Airport: 7.4km  (20min approx)


Best Places to Visit

There are several other tourist places which you can travel to during your visit to Kathmandu Durbar Square. So, make sure to check all these places :

  1. Hanuman Dhoka
  2. Kaal Bhairav
  3. The Tribhuvan Museum
  4. Taleju Temple, Kathmandu, Bagmati
  5. Garden Of Dreams
  6. Narayanhiti Palace, Bagmati
  7. Mahaboudha Temple, Bagmati
  8. Rum Doodle Bar, Kathmandu
  9. Thamel Chowk, Bagmati
  10.  Basantapur Tower
  11. Singha Sattal (Silyan Sattal)
  12. Indra Chowk
  13. Akash Bhairav Temple
  14. Freak Street (Jhhonchen Tole)
  15. Chyasin Dega Temple


Hanuman Dhoka

This place was once the royal palace to the Malla Kings and the Shah Dynasty, and the Hanuman Dhoka was constructed somewhere in the mid-16th Century. The place is known as a Hanuman Dhoka Durbar locally, and the name is derived from the Lord Hanuman, who is a monkey god. Lord Hanuman is an antique idol, and this place is at the main entrance of the palace. In the local language “Dhoka” means a door so it can be referred to as the entrance to this holy place. This place is spread over 5 acres of land but during the earthquake in 2015, this place got hit and was severely damaged.

Hanuman Dhoka is within a walking distance of Kathmandu Durbar Square, so one should definitely visit it. There is another statue of Lord Narasimha very next to Lord Hanuman who is a demon known as Hiranyakashipu in Hindu mythology. The statues are amongst the oldest structures in the tomb.


Kaal Bhairav

It is a grand temple that is located at Kathmandu Durbar Square and has great religious beliefs. This place is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the statue is in such a form that he is carrying the head of Shani and wearing tiger skin, snake, and an apron created by human bones. This 12-foot statue was created somewhere in the 6th century. The locals worship this grand statue of Lord Shiva with full devotion.

One can find various structures and idols crafted from stones around the sculpture of Kaal Bhairav. It is said that Kaal Bhairav is the most terrifying avatar of Lord Shiva who controls the Birth and Death of humans. According to the legend, it is believed that Kaal Bhairav had decapitated one head of Lord Brahma, as a punishment he was made to carry the head around different places of earth for many years till he was forgiven. He is known for his power to create, sustain and dissolve life on earth. Devotees from all around the world visit this temple to worship Kaal Bhairab to change bad times to good times. Worshippers mostly visit this temple on Saturdays and Tuesdays. We would recommend you to visit this temple if you are near the Kathmandu valley.


The Tribhuvan Museum

It is another close location to Kathmandu Durbar Square. You can find this inside the Hanuman Dhoka Palace and watch the Tribhuvan Museum that contains the artifacts of Nepali King Bir Bikram Shah. During the earthquake in 2015, this place suffered massive damages. Many locals believed that the Late King used to sit at this place where he listened to the problems of people and solved them. There are some custom packages for tours from which you can choose. 

If you love to see some amazing historical artifacts, this place is the ideal choice for you. Bi effects include statues, coma woodwork, stonework, king attires, boxing gloves, thrones, stonework, and many other things. All the collection at this museum is priceless, along with the coins in photographs that are on display. There is a section in the museum that has been created, just like King's study and bedroom. So you can truly enjoy an amazing experience here that you will remember for your life.


Taleju Temple, Kathmandu, Bagmati

Kathmandu Durbar Square is filled with a lot of temples and religious places. So, the people who want to get away from the busy city light and enjoy a devotional and religious environment can visit this amazing place.it is dedicated to the goddess of Malla Kings, Devi Taleju Bhavani. According to the belief of people, the only king was given entry to the temple, but now it has been extended to the Hindus.  

It is believed that the shape of the temple resonates with yantra, which was directed by Devi. When you visit the temple at Durbar Square, it will be a site that you will never forget in your life. Right now, the Degu Taleju Temple is not accessible to all, but on the 9th day of Dasain, the devotees can get access to the temple and offer their prayers.


Garden Of Dreams

Do you want to enjoy your precious time in the beauty of nature? If you do then, Kathmandu has a beautiful place named garden of dreams, which is also known as Swapna Bageecha, and it has another name, garden of six seasons, which was built by Kishore Nursing. The atmosphere around the garden is soothing and comfortable. The path around the garden is paved, and there ponds of the garden, which will surely get your attention.

Until recently, the site was not taken properly and elected by the people, but with the help of the Austrian government, it was restored and opened for the people and visitors. The garden contains green plants and trees that will help the visitors to enjoy the beauty of nature and relax in the garden. If you are visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square, then this is a place where you can stay and relax to get away from the crowded tourist spots.


Narayanhiti Palace, Bagmati

The Narayanhiti Palace is located to the east of Kaiser Mahal. The Narayanhiti Palace Museum was earlier the Royal Palace, which was the home for the ruler of the country. It also has an important significance in the history of the country due to the ‘royal family assassination’ incident in 2001. So if you want to visit a place which is exciting and it has a history, then this is another great place for you.

The name Narayanhiti is made up of Narayan, who is Hindu God and Hit, which means water sprout. So, this is another significant place as the temple of Lord Vishnu is just across the palace complex, and devotees can get the blessings of Lord Vishnu. This is also a water sprout, which is on the eastern side of the main entrance that shows the significance of this place and adding some historical incidents to Narayanhiti Palace.


Mahaboudha Temple, Bagmati

This temple was built in devotion to the Lord Buddha, which is named Mahaboudha Temple. There are around 10000 Buddha statues in the Mahaboudha Temple, which is a great site to watch for the people who believe in Buddhism. The people also called this place a temple of thousand buddhas. This temple is located near the Uku Bahal monastery, and it is one of the greatest master fees of craftsmanship from Patan. If you want to get some peace during the journey to Kathmandu Durbar Square, then you can visit this place and lit a butter lamp to pray for your good health.

This temple was built by a priest named Abhay Raj Patan, as he visited Mahabodhi Temple Bodhgaya, India, where we learn the art of coin making. His fifth son completed the construction of this temple as he died when the foundation of the temple was constructed.so if you want to enjoy your trip, then you must visit this place to get some peace and blessings of Lord Buddha.


Rum Doodle Bar, Kathmandu

From its name, you might have already heard that the Rum Doodle bar was one of the greatest party places in Kathmandu. Its name is depicted in the book The Ascent of Rum Doodle, which is the highest mountain. The book describes the mountain expeditions and in this bar, you can find people like trekkers, guides, Everest climbers, and most people who love climbing.

The family food at this place has an amazing taste, which you can enjoy along with its wonderful décor of pictures on the wall. Another great thing about this place is that it has wooden boxes, which have signatures of hundreds of people who go for Everest summits, and there is also the signature of Sir Edmund Hillary.


Thamel Chowk, Bagmati

When you go on vacation or a trip, then you might want to buy some things as a souvenir for your friends and family members. You can buy some amazing traditional gifts from Kathmandu from the Thamel chowk. The streets of this market are crowded, and there are shops in every corner so you will surely find a lot of options to choose from and enjoy shopping here. You can find really cheap items of hair that will fit in your budget so that you can truly enjoy shopping as much as you like.

It is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the area, which has a lot of Western hippies. If you want to stay at the place, then you can find portable and hygienic places to sleep and also get some amazing food. There are so many shops and stalls at this place that you can actually get lost if you do not keep track of where you are going. If you are visiting for the first time here, then you should also be aware of these scams to keep yourself safe.


Basantapur Tower

Basantapur tower was the tallest tower in Kathmandu Durbar Square. The tower was built during the 18th century by King Prithvi Narayan who was from the Shah Dynasty. The tower has about nine stories, but the top two floors were destroyed during the earthquake in 2015 that hit Nepal. As of now the tower has been restored and tourists can explore all the places in and out of the tower. Most of the place is hidden behind scaffoldings and if you want to see the ancient carvings which are on the wooden structure, then you have to take a closer look. 

The Kathmandu Durbar Square held the palaces of the Malla and Shah kings who ruled over the city. Along with these palaces, the square surrounds quadrangles, revealing courtyards and temples. It is known as Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square, a name derived from a statue of Hanuman, the monkey devotee of Lord Ram, at the entrance of the palace.

The entrance to the tower is from Lohan chowk and you have to walk on a narrow staircase from which you can enjoy an amazing view of Kathmandu by looking out of the window from every floor. So this is another great place for you to visit if you are going to Kathmandu Durbar Square where you can really enjoy spending your time.


Singha Sattal (Silyan Sattal)

It is a three-story building which is located at the edge of Kathmandu durbar square and close to the Kasthamandap. One of the best things about this place is that it was built from wood leftover from the construction of the Kasthamandap. The house is made in a beautiful way, which you will really like to enjoy exploring. There is also a temple of hare Krishna, and it has some famous songs for the Lord. So if you are planning to visit an amazing place in Kathmandu, then you must try to visit this place as it is quiet and beautiful.


Akash Bhairav Temple

It is another great place that you can visit in Kathmandu, which is Akash Bhairav that can be translated to Lord of the sky. If you want to visit this place, then it is just 5 minutes away from Kathmandu Durbar Square, where the devotees worship Bhairav as it is believed that he can give blessings that will ensure safety, goodwill and strength for the people.

An annual day, Indra Jatra is devoted to God, where people celebrate it with enthusiasm. People from all over Kathmandu to part in these puja rituals, which are performed at this time of the year. So, if you are visiting Kathmandu Durbar Square at this period of time, then you can also be the part of this puja and get the blessings of God for strength, safety, and goodwill. 


Freak Street (Jhhonchen Tole)

Freak Street is a great place in Kathmandu, which is popular amongst tourists, and you can easily visit it from Kathmandu Durbar Square. Freak Street was the epicenter during the Hippie trail from the early 1960s to late 1970s. During that time the main attraction drawing tourists to Freak Street was the government-run hashish shops. Hippies from different parts of the world traveled to Freak Street in search of legal cannabis. This place is now just a mythical magnet for hippies and other social variants of the 1960s. Guest houses, trekking agencies, shopping centres, souvenir shops, restaurants are the businesses the local entrepreneurs have adapted after banning cannabis in Nepal.

At that time, it was named Basantapur, but now its name is changed to Freak Street. There are a lot of places to eat, hang out and shop at this place, so if you want to enjoy the true beauty of Kathmandu, then this is a place which you must visit. There are some people who only go to this place once to reconnect with the old times.


Indra Chowk

Indra Chowk is another popular place in Kathmandu where you might get lost, and it's maze-like streets. This place is located on the India-Tibet trade route and is a commercial, ceremonial area. There are many shops around this place where local traders sell fresh produce. There are a lot of crowds at this place, and the shops are colorful, which makes it the perfect market in Nepal, and you cannot find something like this anywhere else in the world. You can also observe the carved Windows and doors in the shops in this place, or if you like something to drink, then you can Lassi. At the time of festive seasons, it is the ceremony place where everyone completes the religious process.


Chyasin Dega Temple

There are a lot of temples in the Kathmandu Durbar Square area, and you might miss some of the famous temples. This is a unique Temple in Durbar Square as it has three roofs in the octagonal shape. When you see this Temple from the outside, you can notice the craftsmanship behind the architecture of the Temple. This Temple is situated right next to the great drums, so you might not face too many issues in finding this Temple.

These are some of the places that you must visit when you go to Kathmandu Durbar Square. If you are on a long vacation, then you can try to visit all these places. Most of these places are not so far, and you can just walk to them within a few minutes. You will also find transportation services to provide you comfortable transportation. This is the perfect place for the devotee to as there are many temples around the place where you can get the blessing and offer your prayers.


Mode of Reach to Kathmandu, Nepal

There are 3 ways that one can reach Nepal during their holiday trip.

  1. Air: Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu is the only International airport in the region. There are a handful of airlines that operate daily from major Indian cities including Jet Airways, Indigo and Air India. Other airlines that connect Nepal to various international destinations are Malaysia Airlines, Qatar Airways, Etihad Airlines, Silk Air, Oman Airlines, Air China, Air Asia, FlyDubai and Air Arabia.


  1. Railway: The main train line that runs for passengers between India and Nepal are from Gorakhpur town in Uttar Pradesh, ending its route across the Sunauli border at Janakpur. Finding trains from local Indian cities to Gorakhpur is easy as there are many options, like Chauri Chaura Express, Kashi Express, Sapt Kranti Superfast Express. Once there, public buses and some taxis are available to take you 6 hours drive to Kathmandu.


  1. Road: With six border crossings with India, road travel is an economical and scenic way to reach Nepal. For those coming from Delhi or Varanasi, the most convenient crossing point is Sunauli, near Bhairahawa. There are daily direct air-conditioned buses from both cities available, as well as private cars for hire. The other popular crossing is the Raxaul border accessible from Patna which leads you to Birganj in Central Nepal. Those travelling from West Bengal or Bihar can opt for this entrance, with bus services and hired cars available. The next two frequented crossings include the Panitanki and Banbasa crossings that take you to Kakarbhitta and Bhimdatta in Nepal, respectively. Choose the first if you’re travelling from towns in North East India like Gangtok or Sikkim. And the latter if you’re coming from the Delhi and Uttarakhand side.

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