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best places to visit in chitlang on your nepal trip


If you are planning for a tour to Chitlang with your family or friends, then you have to be determined about the places you are visiting. Nepal has one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, and it is filled with natural beauty. Before starting your trip, you have to understand various things so that there are no issues when you are going on the tour with your family or friends. By getting certain information about the place, you can avoid making some simple mistakes and enjoy your trip properly.

Chitlang is surrounded by the Chandragiri hills and acclaimed as a popular old trading route to India. That is why this place has an important historical significance and another popular stop for the tourist. It is one of the best destinations for the tourist who wants to enjoy the best experience of hiking. At this place, you can find more than a hundred species of birds, which makes it quite popular and beautiful.

When you are going on a trip to Chitlang, then you have to make sure to check the weather of a place so that you do not face any problems. By getting prepared for the weather conditions, you can avoid facing any kind of trouble and enjoy a pleasant holiday in Chitlang. It is important to find the information about the transport arrangement in advance so that you can travel to the destination without any difficulties.

What are some popular places in Chitlang, Nepal?

Now, if you are ready and informed about all the things mentioned above, then you can find information about some of these popular places. You will always find these places on the top list to visit in Chitlang. These are also local tourist destinations in chitlang so you might find them crowded during the weekends & winter. 

Here we will be listing out some of the best places to visit in Chitlang during your trip to Nepal.


1.Swochhanda Bhairab Temple

It is one of the most popular places in Chitlang due to its beautiful location. Swochhanda Bhairab Temple is located on the side of a clean river, which helps in enhancing its beauty. You cannot find any human settlement in this area, which makes it a calm and peaceful place. During the weekdays, this temple does not have a lot of people, but on weekends and festive times it can get much crowded, so you have to plan your trip accordingly to avoid major problems. 

If you like to know more about the culture of Nepal, then you can visit a nearby village, Khakhu-8, which is just a 15-minute walk from the temple. It is also five minutes walk to Narayanhiti, making it ideal for travelers to visit another popular place. The Shochandra Bhairab High School is just 30 minutes away from this temple. So if you are on a trip to Chitlang, you do not have to worry about commuters as most of the places are within walking distance. The temple is surrounded by lush green forests, which makes it a perfect place to offer your prayers to the lord.



Satdhara is one of the iconic places that you can find in Chitlang. It resembles seven taps, which are made from stone, which is said to have religious sentiments. If you want to visit this amazing and beautiful place, then you have to trek for about an hour, after which you can reach the falls. At this beautiful place, you can find out more information about the Newari customs and cultures followed here. This will be a learning experience that will help you to improve your knowledge about traditions and cultures. It attracts thousands of tourists every month to this place.

The water in the seven taps has religious sentiments, and the pilgrims used it for bathing and drinking purposes. When you are on the trek to Satdhara, you can see the way of life of the Newar community, which is quite exciting. You will also see some jungle on the way that is quite interesting and provides beautiful views during the journey. It is important to visit this place during the early months of summer, otherwise, you will find the stone taps dry as the water gets soaked up during the hot summer months. 



Bhedafaram is the largest ground of Nepal, and it has a mesmerizing breathtaking view. This place is very famous for video shoots as many movies or music videos used to be done here due to the place being layered in lush green grass. When you see the images of this place, you will truly understand how beautiful it looks. The place is more beautiful when you visit in real life and turns out to be truly interesting. You can easily find this place in Chitlang and the locals can easily navigate you to this place. The locals at this place are quite friendly and happy to help other people. So you do not have to hesitate about anything.

After you visit this place, you will feel like this is a movie set. It will only take about a half-hour to visit the place that makes it much more interesting. You do not have to take any car or motorbike to reach the place as you can simply trek for half-hour and you will reach this place. The locals will help you to reach this place as they are very helpful. You can plan a trip with your friends and take each other’s pictures during the trip. This will be one of the best places which have the most beautiful views, and you will remember it for your life.


4.Krishna Temple

It is another famous temple in Chitlang which is devoted to Lord Krishna. The temple is not exactly in Chitlang area, you have to go for an hour's walk to this temple from Chitlang village and if you want to get the blessing of Lord Krishna, then you have to overcome this challenge. You can ask the locals to navigate the route and they will be really happy to help, and you won’t get lost during the trip. The people who love to trek will surely enjoy visiting this religious place as one can experience many interesting things on the way.


5.Shikhar Dham

It is a temple of Lord Shiva, which is located at the top of Lamichhane village. You can find the temple just below the jungle, which makes it quite a peaceful place. You can offer your prayers to Lord Shiva in a calm and soothing environment, which is quite exciting. At the top, you can see Chitlang and also see the tour operators. There is also the Brahmin settlement at this place where you can experience the lifestyle of the Brahmin culture. Such things are always educational and you can learn some new way of life and implement them in your regular activities.

You can explore the true face of Nepal in this region which is another exciting experience. While you might find some people who are not Brahmin but more than 99% of people will be Lamichhane and Brahmin so you can experience a new culture. After that, you can go to Khaliban, Kuchbu, where you can find the Tamang and Newar settlements. 


6.Markhu, Kulekhani

If you love to go boating, then Markhu, Kulekhani is the best place for you. You can also eat dishes of fish and watch an amazing view of this beautiful lake. The place is famous because of the Indra Sarobar Lake, which is Nepal’s Largest Man-made lake. When you see the lake in real life, then you might get confused whether it is a real lake or not. It is much bigger than you might have imagined it. So for the people who are looking to go on any other adventure than hiking, then this place is really ideal for you.

You have to walk for about 3 hours from Chitlang in order to reach this place. If you cannot walk for that long, then there is a bus from Kathmandu to Markhu and by using this means of transportation you can travel comfortably. The Indra Sarobar lake is nearest to the Kathmandu valley, making it easily accessible, and the size of the lake is 7 km, so it is quite hard to believe that the lake was made by men. If you want to explore the beauty of the lake, then you can always opt for boating. 

Fish eating is another popular event at this place as many people come here to try out various types of fishes. There are various types of fish that can be found in this lake and can be seen during boating. This will really make your trip much more interesting and exciting.


7.Chandragiri-Chitlang-Kulekhani road

The Chandragiri-Chitlang-Kulekhani road is one of the most popular places which has historical values for the locals. Once, it was the only way to enter or exit Kathmandu, and there were some pictures showing some people trying to carry a motor car from this road. It is an uphill road and only descends to Kathmandu. While this place has some great historical references but now it only sees travelers who want to go on long-distance hiking to Chitlang.

When you look at Chitlang, it has fertile fields, and you can see a stream of water flowing through the rice and vegetable fields. By using this water in the valley, the irrigation of vegetables is done. You can find various modes of transportation in order to reach Chitlang as there are cable cars, buses, and small vehicles for transportation. You can also walk to this place as it is just an hour walk from Taukhel, which will make it more like an exciting trek.


So these are some of the most popular places that you can visit in Chitlang, Nepal. It is truly blessed by nature and not spoiled by humans. The less use of vehicles to visit this place makes it much more attached to nature. If you plan your trip accordingly, then you can visit all these places without any difficulties. Most of the places mentioned here are within walking distance, so you can visit most of them within one day. You can also ask the locals about any other local popular places around the region or go shopping to buy souvenirs during your trip.

What is the best time to visit Chitlang?

Chitlang is a popular getaway destination for the local tourists in Nepal, so weekends are more crowded than usual time. Chitlang is an ideal place and the best time to visit is during any month of the year be it winter, summers, or spring. 

As you already know that it is surrounded by the Himalayan region making it an extreme cold during the winter. 

The people who want to enjoy the beauty of nature should live among nature, and that is why you can camp here during the spring or summer time. It is the best place where you can come outside and enjoy the beauty of nature and watch migratory birds. During the spring, when the flower blooms, you can enjoy an amazing serene experience.


How to reach Chitlang?

Chitlang is a beauty of nature and people tend to avoid using vehicles here. There are several means to reach Chitlang from the capital city and with the introduction of a cable car to the top of the ridge, one can reduce the hike to just going downhill from the top after a short ride. One set of buses travel via Pharping near Dakshinkali and takes about three hours but don't reach Chitlang, with Taukhel being the closest point. The other vehicles take the old Tribhuvan Highway to reach Kulekhani. The pick-up vehicles to Kathmandu from Chitlang leave in the morning while the bus leaves from Taukhel in the afternoon. 

Distance from Kathmandu: 27km (1hr 30min approx.)

Nearest Airport: Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu


How to find good accommodation in chitlang?

You might be thinking about finding a good place to stay during your tour so that you can enjoy a comfortable experience. Such things are important, and if you do not want to face any kind of problem, then you should book the hotel rooms in advance. During the winter, you have to find a good hotel room to protect yourself from the cold temperature. The temperature is nice during the day, so you can go hiking and enjoy visiting all the popular places.

If you do not want to spend a lot of money, then you can camp outside, which is another interesting part of the trip. It will help you to save a lot of money during the tour and enjoy the experience of staying in nature. Chitlang is a popular place for hiking, and it will help in enhancing your experience. There are some amazing resorts in Chitlang that can provide you luxurious and comfortable services.


So these are some of the best places that you can visit in Chitlang, Nepal, which is exciting and enjoyable for every person. You can plan a trip with your friends during the vacations and go trekking, which will help you to bond. There are some amazing natural scenic views that will take your breath away. If you love nature, then this is the best place for you to visit during your vacations. You can also take the help of a professional company that can provide you with a complete tour of Chitlang, Nepal. 


Chitlang in Brief

Chitalang, Nepal is one of the offbeat travel destinations in Nepal, this spot is more preferred by trekking lovers, it has beautiful landscapes and a lot of room to discover the remotest part of Nepal. Chitlang has a major deal of vegetable plantation, and this is the reason why cities in Nepal have no shortage of vegetables, and Chitlang is Royal in origin, the Malla dynasty had come in exile to Chitlang after their land was conquered by the Prithvinarayan Shah in the late 18 century. Therefore, this place is a very important part of the history of Nepal. Overall the experience in Chitlang is way different from that of any other hiking in Nepal. Nepal doesn't have it count in the top list of places to visit in Nepal. It has an amazing Kulekhani reservoir that comes after Chitlang spot, there are amazing food hubs that serve the best delicacies of fish items, after a 2-hour trek you get the most amazing and relaxing experience with food by the amazing river view with your friends and families. Nepal can be unfolded bit by bit with patience and all is worth it at last. So does visit the valley of Chitlang that will astound you and keep you amused. The ambiance is super serene and calm with natural beauty that will blow your mind and keep you rejuvenated. Chitlang Valley, should be explored once in your visit to Nepal, it is a little offbeat destination but it will be worth all the money and time spent.


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