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We care holidays one of the Best Sikkim Tour Packages is an Indian best Sikkim travel company located in Gangtok, Sikkim, India. We are a business focused on offering(Best Sikkim tour packages)to people the options they want when it comes to exploring the world and enjoying everything that our planet has to offer. No matter if you want a short trip or a fully fledged adventure that spans over multiple weeks, our team will be able to assist.


We can work with any customer that wants to enjoy a fun, relaxing time during his travels. We can easily customize the best travel packages based on your needs, requirements, and budget. We Care Holidays understand that every holiday is different and every person has different needs. That’s why our team is always committed to providing quality and value at all times.


If you work closely with us, you will be quite impressed with our attention to detail and the professionalism that we deliver. We always scour the offers to ensure that you receive the most affordable option for any trip you may want to take.


Plus, we can provide both international and domestic travel packages if you want. We are very communicative, which means you can come to us and let us know if you need any changes or information. This way you will be quite impressed with the professionalism and quality offered by our business at any given time.


Moreover, we understand that every customer has special requirements. That’s why each one of our packages is fully focused on fulfilling your needs. And if you believe we have to change anything, we can easily do that for you.


In case you have a destination in mind but want to visit other important stuff in that area, we can help as well. We can create a custom holiday package for you,based on where you want to go and what places you want to check out. You can rest assured that the prices will always be the best ones on the market, and you won’t have to worry about anything.


Travel lovers will always want to find new locations and destinations to enjoy. We Care Holidays helps you achieve all of that and so much more! But the most important thing is that you get to stick to your budget, all while still having a very interesting and fun time no matter the situation. Don’t hesitate to browse our services and get in touch with us, we will provide you with the best holiday package in no time!


  • We are the leading travel company of Sikkim and Darjeeling. We provide the best Sikkim travel packages. 


  • We care holidays are fully approved, Registered and recognized by Govt. of Sikkim.


  • We care holidays itself and are run by local expertise. It is vital to us that you have a memorable and authentic experience with our holidays. In line with the expectations we have for our staff, we select only locals that are friendly and have in-depth local knowledge.


  • At we care holidays(Best Sikkim travel Packages), you get individual care whenever you need it, from the moment you book and while you're away, to the moment you get home.


  • At we care holidays you get an individual guide for all you need, from shopping to clubbing.


  • At we care holidays, you will not only know us by telephone, but you will also know your personal travel consultant both by name and my face, as we make it a practice to greet our clients personally.


  • While on your journey, help is never out of reach, we also have a 24hr support line and local ground staff at all destinations.


  • Our packages can be tailored or built completely from scratch to suit your needs. Our experienced travel experts have the resources at hand to make your dream holiday a reality.


  • At we care holidays, There are no middlemen, so we always pass the savings on to you.